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Year 2 visit Lea Valley!

On Friday, 5th of February, Sparrow, Starling and Skylark classes visited Lea Valley to learn more about local wildlife. They studied food chains and habitats, and recorded their findings using cameras. Swan and Swallow classes are visiting the following Friday- more content to follow!

  • Planning their route.

    Planning their route..JPG
    Planning their route.
  • Searching for micro habitats.

    Searching for micro habitats..JPG
    Searching for micro habitats.
  • Skylark investigate.

    Skylark investigate..JPG
    Skylark investigate.
  • Finding information on a map.

    Finding information on a map..JPG
    Finding information on a map.
  • Fun on the trip!

    Fun on the trip!.JPG
    Fun on the trip!