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A poem to sum up how the children feel


By Rumaisa Choudhury 19th March 2020 


2020 is the year, 

The year we all stay home in fear. 

To be more safe, self- isolate, 

And with the vulnerable don’t communicate. 

Have to stay home not allowed to socialise, it will be a bore, 

While scientists frantically search for a cure. 

Schools are closing everywhere, 

Come on scientists there’s no time to spare! 

And then the part that we all dread, 

Day by day more deaths are being said. 

Oh virus you’re ruining our days, 

I wish you would just go away. 

Meanwhile, we will just have to wait for the time, 

When this virus will be out of our lives. 

Although our future’s a mystery, 

We hope Corona virus will soon be history. 

All we can do now is just pray my friend, 

Pray for all this tragedy to end.

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