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2015 - 2016


Number of pupils and pupil premium received

Total number of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding


Percentage of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding (Nursery and Reception not included)


Percentage of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding Nationally



Total amount of pupil premium received at Mission Grove

£238,920.00 (£40,830.00 less than last year )

How we spend the pupil premium

Extra Curriculum Opportunities:

We use money to support children and families to access a range of activities that the children would not necessarily access. This enables them to have firsthand experiences of sleeping at Suntrap, making camp fires, and day trips to suntrap. Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5 benefit from this.

For the wrap around care we offer 30 places at our breakfast club, after school club, Saturday School and holiday clubs. The children who benefit from this are from all years groups. The teachers can nominate a child and the final decision is made in agreement with the Head and the Inclusion Manager and the child’s parents. This opportunity offers the children security, routine, fun learning and nutrition.

Enrichment; we use some of the pupil premium to pay for external specialists to again enable the children to have opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily experience from sculpting with an artist to food nutrition with a nutritionist.  

In year 6 we subsidise the residential trip and offer free places for some.

Additional Teaching Support

Throughout the year we have pupil progress meetings and we identify were we need additional support. The Deputy Head supports teaching in Year and one of the Assistant Heads also supports teaching in Year 6. We then have spent money on additional teachers to support groups in Year 2 and 5. We have an EMA teacher that withdraws targeted groups of children for additional language lessons on a daily basis.

Specialist Professional Support

We employ a part time School Council who offers invaluable support to identified children and families. This helps the children be more focused in their lesson as they know they have someone that they can discuss any concerns that they have on a regular basis. For families she offers support and advice on many issues including housing and benefits.

For children in Year 6 we offer early morning booster sessions for three mornings a week from January until May. This enables us to do practice SATs papers and so it doesn’t impact on the children’s day to day lessons. They become familiar with the layout of the papers and who to tackle different problems. They are in groups of 5 or 6 with experienced class teachers.


To ensure that the children have the best possible equipment we have invested in new resources this year.  Some of the resources as to enable the children to access reading and comprehension activities at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


We have invested in training for teachers to ensure that they are fully supported in using the new resources that we have purchased.