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20th October 2021

First week back from half term 2 events will take place: 

Diwali 🪔 1st -5th November 

 ⁃ selling both plain and decorated clay diya’s. For health and safety oil and wicks not included and subsisted with tea light candles. Prices to be confirmed depend on suppliers price. Estimated plain diya £1 and £1.50 decorate diya 

9th November 2021 international day. 

 ⁃ Organise and appoint someone to collect donation from parents for none perishable food, cooked and fresh produce. food across 

 ⁃ Volunteers need to man the stalls to sell prepackaged donated food to meet COVID-19 policies.

 ⁃ Dress up representing about their heritages 

 ⁃ 50p - £1 on items 


 ⁃ This Friday 22nd October cricket match is held on north site as a memorial for mr hall. (Run by Mr Taylor and Mr Garlic  Match will start 3.50pm 

 ⁃ Spooky disco on Wednesday first week back from half-term

 ⁃ Miss Jennings is introducing Monday and Friday where parents can stay in school 1/2 hour for kids play in the playground/play apparatus. Parents will be responsible for their child/children.