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Art and DT

Summer 1

During out Art lessons, we have been studying Van Gogh and the techniques he uses.

We created our own versions of his Starry Night picture using oil pastel, crayon and paint and we also created a giant whole class version.

We also created our versions of his Sunflowers picture.

On one we used colouring pencil.

On the other we used paint.


We have been experimenting with texture and shading this week. 

This week in Art, we examined damaged and dying flowers carefully. We tried to look at the shape and direction of the petals and how their texture and appearance changed. We drew them many times, trying to make our sketches more realistic each time. 

This week we created some illustrations for our favourite books in preparation for the book fair which will take place next halfterm. 


Autumn 1

We created images of different habitats using collage and pencil. 

We have learnt about the jobs of illustrators and some of their styles. We then drew what we imagined when reading some descriptions. 

Ten Magnificent Moopaloops by Graeme Base | Artwork, Examples of art,  Drawings


Using our texture rubbings, we created artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. 

Andy Goldsworthy: Artist that Collaborate with Nature | Horn Necklace






We have also created giant fruit using papier mache to encourage healthy eating. 

First, we covered the balloons in tissue paper and papier mache. 

Then we painted halves and quarters of our fruit. We tried to recreate the colour and texture of the outside and inside of the fruits.