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Borough Sports Network

The Schools Sports Network works with schools and partner organisations to give young people the best opportunities in Physical Education, Competitive Sport, Physical Activity and Health. It works with young people aged 5-19, their schools, teachers and parents to develop engagement in sport, physical activity, leadership and volunteering.

The Schools Sport Network is a collective of all schools in Waltham Forest. It is governed by the Waltham Forest Sports LOC (Local Organising Committee). Formed of Headteachers, School Games Organisers and the Head of Sport and Leisure, with other key stakeholders joining them on an invitational basis. The LOC is chaired by Kate Jennings, Headteacher at Mission Grove Primary.

All schools in Waltham Forest are invited to join the network across 2 key areas:

  • Competitive sport
  • Full membership

The operational team is formed of School Games Organisers (SGO) 

Shona Gordon - SGO  07851 038909

Joanne Carne-Howell

SGO 07528937717