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Buzzard class

Welcome to Buzzard class!

Welcome to Buzzard class with Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose.


STEM week!

We have had a wonderful week, with all the children back in class. Here is a little of what we have been up to!

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1st March 2021

One more week, Buzzard class, and we will be back together! Hurray! The very idea makes me feel as happy and giddy as Augustus the tiger dancing and splashing in the rain! 


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Until we get back together, please keep reading, it is so important. Thirty minutes a day reading and ten minutes on your TTRockstars. 

Our first week back together is STEM week (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and we have lots of exciting activities planned. We will need some 'junk', so if you could start saving yoghurt pots and egg boxes, jiffy wrap, etc, all sorts of packaging, we would be very grateful. Also, on the Friday of our first week, you will have the opportunity to come into school dressed as your TTRockstars avatar (character).

Miss Rose and I can't wait for all the Buzzards to be back together!

Have a good week (and please, please, please... READ!)

Mrs. Cartwright


Welcome back! It's Spring 2!

Hello, Buzzard class, we hope you have had a restful week and are ready for some exciting new learning. We have lots planned for this half term. We will be starting a delightful new book called Augustus and His Smile by Catherine Rayner (scroll down the page for a sneaky peak!), we will be learning about hot and cold deserts , animal diets and ... we will be having STEM week! Are you ready for life on Mars? Hmm... what am I talking about? Wait and see!

Here the star readers and TTRockstar's champions for the past two weeks. Please use these fabulous resources, Buzzard class. If you don't have your passwords, etc, please email,

You can see lots of the work that you sent in over the last two weeks by clicking here. Below, is a tiny example of some of the things you have been doing, including having fun in the snow!

You used lots of bossy verbs and time connectives in literacy when creating your board games. You provided very clear instructions about how to play your game and even included some helpful hints about sportsmanship. Essa, advised players not to cheat and not to cry if they weren't winning! Very wise advise!

You also made some 'What's Behind The Flap games', in design and technology which involved tricky cutting and matching.

Here is Ayla, hard at work writing about the Qu'ran and Mohid, busy completing calculations in maths. It is such a pleasure to see their quiet concentration.

A sneaky peak at our new book!


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It's the end of Spring 1!

Hello, Buzzard class, I can't believe we are getting near the end of this half-term! You have been doing some fantastic work. Miss Rose and I are so very impressed with all that you have achieved. We understand that it is a big challenge working from home and you have shown great determination and enthusiasm. I also want to say a big thank you to the adults; you have been patient, resourceful and so very supportive. Thank you!

Miss Jennings loved all the flowers that you sent! She said 'They made her smile!' Here is a picture that she emailed for you.

Below is a list of the week's star readers and TTRockstars users. (Please remember to login when you can, these apps are a great resource and also, fun.) I have also included below a few examples of the work you have been up to this week. To see a bigger selection, please click here.

This week in maths we have been measuring! We have ordered objects and investigated capacity and weight. Here  are pictures of marvellous mathematicians in action.

In literacy, we took a last look at our book Lost in the Toy Museum. Here is a retelling of the story by Madiha and some of your favourite 'giddy' toys. 

We then wrote our stories inspired by the book, Lost in Mission Grove! We started by outlining the plot and creating story maps, outlining the key events in our stories.

I have seen so many fantastic stories! This is an example by Amina. She began by planning her story outline and then created a story map. She used her story map to help write her story which she then edited and published!

Mohid did the same. Here is his This is his story!

I love the patterned Super Bears that you created in art. It was such a treat to have miss Rose join us. Here are a few examples of your art work.

In science, we have been investigating materials. Inayah, was a very thorough scientist. She methodically tested which materials were waterproof and would keep her teddy dry! The glass bowl was very effective, but would you want an umbrella made of glass? Inayah, felt this had it's dangers. An umbrella made of glass? Hmm... What do you think?

Have a good week, Buzzards. Remember, to... keep reading! We miss you!

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose xx

It's February!

1st February 2021

Hello Buzzards, it's the first day of a new month! Miss Rose and I are missing you all very much and are really impressed with all the work that you have been doing at home. Take a look on our Busy Buzzards page to see some of the work that you have been sending in. You are working so hard! Well done!

I am also delighted to see that some of of you have been logging onto your Bug Club, mYOn and TTRockstars /Numbots accounts. Please use these resources as much as you can because they will help support your learning and try to read with an adult for 30 minutes a day.

Here is a short story to enjoy. It is called The Little Panda, written by... Inayah!


18th January 2021

Hello, beautiful Buzzards. Happy Monday!

Miss Rose and I have been really impressed with all the work you have been doing at home! We miss you all very much and are so proud of you all. I have put some photographs of the work you have been doing at home on the Busy Buzzards page. 

Here is a Buzzard favourite to start the week. You always sang this so wonderfully in class. Can you remember how to sign it as well?


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In year 1 there are 3 live lessons taught daily via Microsoft teams:

  • 10:00 - Maths
  • 12:00 - English
  • 2:00 - Other (Topic, Science, art etc)

These lessons can be accessed via your child's Microsoft Teams account. If you are unsure of how to do this then please email me. All the resources for these lessons are available in the Teams file. We are also uploading the web page with daily activities if you are unable to access the live lessons.

Remember, you can always email me photographs of your work, if you have any questions, or, if you just want to say 'Hello!'. You can get in touch via the Year1 email address, Be sure to include 'Buzzard' and your name in the subject then I will be sure to see it!

Have a fantastic Christmas break, Buzzard class!

Below is a film showing some of the highlights of your first term in Year 1! You have been amazing! Miss Rose and I have been really impressed with the progress you have all made, your enthusiasm and kindness towards each other. Have a restful break and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose x


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During the holiday you can access your TTRockstars and Numbots accounts to practise your multiplication facts as well as your basic number facts and knowledge. It starts easy and progressively gets harder. Your login details are inside the front cover of your reading record, as are the login details for your Bug club account which has lots of books for you to enjoy.

Remembrance Day

Buzzard class have been finding out why we observe Remembrance day and the significance of wearing a poppy. On the 11th November, we printed poppies using apples and carrots. We discussed the conditions experienced by the soldiers fighting in the trenches during World War 1 and found out what it would be like to wear a steel helmet and scratchy wool uniform. At 11.00 we played the last post and held a two minutes silence for those who have fought and lost their lives fighting in wars. You can see lots more photographs by clicking here.

Welcome back, Buzzard class! 

We watched the video below, then searched for clues to our new book in the wildlife garden. It didn't take long to work out the answer, it's Room On The Broom!

We have an exciting half term ahead and some fantastic new books! We watched this video for clues to our first book. I wonder if your family at home can guess?


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Looking at photographic evidence to learn about the past!

As part of our topic about food, we have been investigating the diet of children at our school 100 years and comparing it with our diet. We also used photographic evidence to help find out more about our local area and how it has changed, especially the market.

When looking at the photographic evidence we noticed how different peoples clothes were over 100 years ago, and wondered what it would feel like to be dressed as a Victorian!

Fatima, bravely volunteered to try on a VERY tight fitting corset!

We recreated a Walthamstow street scene from over 100 years ago! We imagined we were elegant ladies, flower sellers, market traders and crossing sweepers (all the horse drawn traffic meant there was lots of horse manure to collect!).

Where did you get that hat girls? Hoe St?

Buzzard class had their own World Food Day!

As part of our topic 'Food, Glorious Food' we recently celebrated the rich, cultural diversity within Buzzard class with our own World Food Day. We had a fantastic day and would like to thank all our families for providing the children with some delicious smelling foods that were representative of  their cultural background. From Anzac biscuits, popular in Australia and New Zealand, to Adobo, a famous delicacy of the Philipines, the children relished the opportunity to discuss and describe their food to their classmates. Here are some of the photographs taken, celebrating a really memorable day.

Thank you, parents for helping to make it possible.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose


We danced to a range of world music styles, from Latin American salsa to Indian Bhangra.

We also worked as a team to build a giant jigsaw puzzle of planet Earth. 

We looked at flags of the world and designed some of our own. We also coloured different textile designs from around the world.

We had a fantastic World Food Day!

Miss Rose and I are really impressed with the way all the children in Buzzard class have settled into Year 1. They have been amazing!

Here are some photographs that we would like to share with you from our first couple of weeks together.  There is also a short film of some giddy Buzzards, and two videos which we watched together in class celebrating our Wonderful World.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose

We used Google Earth to get a birds eye view of Mission Grove school. (We also visited Australia and Antarctica!)

Scientists at work on a classroom scavenger hunt.

Buzzards are fancy fliers!

In Nature Studies, we have been using our senses to explore the wildlife garden.

In Literacy we have been re-enacting the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.

Here are some of our classroom displays featuring Buzzard art work. 


A very short video featuring a giddy Buzzard class exploring Our Wonderful World!


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Media Studies.

Here are two videos which we really enjoyed watching in class. We thought you might like them too. Do you have a favourite?


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