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Chaffinch's Home Learning 12.7-19.7

These are some pictures of Chaffinch's home learning.

Chaffinches please send your home learning to so it can be shared on this page. 

Miss Conroy and MIss Syeda


Angelica has been practising her ly and ily joins and wrote a character description. She also learnt and answered questions about Australia Day. 

Abdullah has solved division and multiplication word problems. He also wrote a great fairy tale using the names of some Chaffinch children. 

Raya has practised her ly and ily joins and painted medals that we could award at sports day. She also solved lots of division and multiplication problems. 


Adam has been using compound words and punctuation. 

Raya has been learning about Australia Day and solving problems. 


Thank you to these children for completing your AR and AM tests using the AR website. If you have not yet done these tests, you can still complete them.

Please remember that these tests should be completed independently without support of adults or older brothers and sisters.