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Chaffinch's Home Learning 15.6-28.6

These are some pictures of Chaffinch's home learning.

Chaffinches please send your home learning to so it can be shared on this page. 

Miss Conroy and MIss Syeda


Today between 2pm and 7pm is the last opportunity to win points in the London Rocks competition. Remember points means individual, class and school prizes!

If you need new books, please email and I will leave them in the office today. 

Adam created Spiderman artwork and practised his money coins and 10 and 11 times tables. 

Raya has been practising her money mental addition and subtraction and has solved puzzles and problems. She has practised her French colour description and researched spider plants. Raya also wrote an extremely detailed story about a magic seed. She included verbs, adverbs, speech marks and speech words. 

Angelica continued her weather diary and practised her number bonds including missing numbers. She also wrote a story about a shark who was preventing some birds from swimming. 

Abdullah has practised his al and all joins and his number bonds. He also wrote a detailed story about a family of dragons and an evil king. 


WOW! So far we have scored over 20,000 TTRockstars points. Keep it up as the LondonRocks competition is happening between 2 and 7 this week. 

Remember to email me if you would like any new books as I can put them at the office. 

Raya has been practising her al and all handwriting joins. She has also created a beautiful weather word and picture bank and showed her understanding of animals and their habitats. Raya solved lots of mathematical puzzles and problems to find who stole the daffodil and can find the missing number.