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Chaffinch's Home Learning 20.4-1.5

These are some pictures of Chaffinch's home learning.

Chaffinches please send your home learning to so it can be shared on this page. 

Miss Conroy and MIss Syeda


Well done Chaffinches, we were so close to winning last week's TTRockstars battle.
House points to Raya, Saim, Adam, Katie and Tahmida for earning over 1,000 points each. Saim won over 7,000!

This week's battle has already begun. 

Well done to those people who have logged into Bug Club. Remember there are questions on some of the pages of each book. 

Good job to those who have done AR tests especially to Mellissa who did 3 tests and got 100% on all of them, Angelica who did 13 tests, Ciara and Rayan who completed 5 tests, Amelia who did 4 tests and Abdullah who passed 6 tests. 

I have been checking up on the number of books and words read and passed each of you have read since we left school in March. I'm really impressed with some of you and we will definitely need to put some more names on our Wall of AR Stars. 


Saim wrote about rainforests, created an poster about protecting the Earth and measured his plant. He also made green pepper curry and chapattis.