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Chaffinch's Home Learning 23.3-19.4

These are some pictures of Chaffinch's home learning.

Chaffinches please send your home learning to so it can be shared on this page. 

Miss Conroy and MIss Syeda


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Super work to those children who have been reading and doing their AR tests. 

Good job to those people who have been logging into TTRcokstars and Bug Club this week.

Well done Chaffinches - we won this week's TTRockstars battle against Cuckoo! House points to James and Tahmida who earned over 1,000 points this week. 

Our new TTRockstars battle will be against Chiff Chaff and has already started. Get online to practise your multiplication and division tables. 

I have really enjoyed watching videos from Ciara, Angelica and Shameer today. Ciara wrote a meditation about the beach and read it in a very soothing way leaving me completely relaxed afterwards. Angelica recorded herself explaining why it is important to clap for the NHS. Shameer created a volcano and made it explode using vinegar, dish soap and bicarbonate of soda. He also videoed himself caring for his plants, which will be our next Science topic. 

Angelica has also completed our number hunt and wrote descriptively using her senses about the beach. 


Shameer has drawn a picture of Florence Nightingale and practised our year two spellings. 

Saim and Uzair have created some play dough shapes and artwork. 



I hope you have had a great week. It's been great to see so many of you getting 100% in your AR quizzes and winning Chaffinch points on TTRockstars. Well done to Saim, Raya and James who have all earned over 1,000 points this week. Keep up the hard work. 

Try to practise your Numbots too. 

If you want to use your imagination to the fullest and to laugh a lot, you could check out the Taskmaster HomeTasking challenges with your family. Tasks are put up every few days and have included 'do something extraordinary with a pair of trousers', 'turn your bed into something which is not a bed' and 'recreate a sporting moment in your kitchen'. The current task is to 'become a super hero and demonstrate your super powers'. 

HomeTasking | #StayHome - YouTube

Ciara wrote a wonderful poem describing the sun rising and setting. She also created a new animal - buildercat - who lives in the Arctic. Ciara has also practised her french colours and measured some of the objects she has at home. 

Angelica has ben measuring some of the objects she has at home. She also worked very hard to write a number of nature acrostic poems. Her poem about the sun made me crave ice-cream! 

Uzair has been doing some science learning about the abilities of living things, the human body and our new topic - plants. 


Hi Chaffinches. I hope you had a great Easter and haven't eaten as much chocolate as I did!!!


Well done Chaffinches - we won our competition against Crow last week. This week we are competing against Cuckoo. 

Try to play some studio games this week. Every 10 games you play you get a new rock star speed. 

‚ÄčYou can also use your TTRockstars login and password to practise your number bonds on the Numbots website .  Just like TTRockstars this starst easy and gradually gets harder, including number bonds to 100 as well as addition adn subtraction of two-digit numbers. 


Well done to everybody who has been reading and doing AR quizzes. Adam, Angelica, Saim, Ciara, Muhammad Mahir, Amelia, Raya, Adbullah, Katie and Rayan W all got 100% on a quiz. Atakan has been making a super effort in AR as well this week. 

If you run out of books, keep them and return them once school reopens so other Mission Grovers can read them. You can read books on Bug Club and AR books on . Just make sure that you choose books that are your level. 

Art Challenge 

It's been lovely to see Rayan, Katie and Amelia's contributions to the Mission Grove Art Challenges. This week's challenge is to decorate a square patch for inclusion in a Mission Grove blanket .

Pe and Keeping Active 

I've been getting very bored at home so I have started to use this website . My favourite are the 60 Second Challenges. This morning I tried the Socks in the Box challenge but I only managed to achieve Silver. 


Katie has been doing lots of bread baking this weekend. She has also created a wonderful Easter booklet with some beautiful drawings and using onomatopoeia and different types of punctuation. 

Abdullah has ben drawing our bar chart nad answering questions on it. He has also created a list of conjunctions and used them in sentences. 

Angelica has created a creature using the site answered questions on it and also answered questions on our bar chart. 


Saim did some great artwork and practised his 5 times tables and spellings. 

Uzair has practised a lot of spellings as well as his multiplication and division tables. 


Hello Chaffinches! I hope you have a great Easter and try not to eat too much chocolate! 

We are still neck-and-neck with Crow in our TTRockstars competition. You have until tomorrow at midday to win points. 

Angelica sent me a link to the incredible VLOG she worked on this week. She has created some amazing instructions for making lipsticks. Check it out - . She has also practised her handwriting and her Year 2 spellings. 

Mellissa has been practising her times and division tables, number bonds and column subtraction as well as a LOT of our spelling words. 

Adam has been practising his column addition, number bonds and multiplication as well as doing some art work.