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Welcome to Chaffinch!

Star of the Week

Stay tuned for this week's winner!

Highest AR Word Count for the Week

Congratulations Ciara Galloway!

Highlights of the Week

Last week, we used the Lego packs to show some of our class rules for this year.

Can you guess which rules we might be showing?


Chaffinch Class Charter

In Chaffinch Class, we:

  • are all on the same team
  • try out best
  • listen and learn
  • focus on our work
  • put up our hands
  • walk in the classroom
  • do our best presentation
  • be kind, considerate and helpful

Remember, respect yourself & respect others!

Up & Coming Events

On Friday, 17th September we will be having an Ancient Egyptian Hook Day, where we will be completing lots of activities around mummification, clothing, hieroglyphics and pyramids.

You can come dressed as an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, an archaeologist, or even a mummy!

The adults working with you this year are Miss Beath, Mr Redding, and Miss Mariam.