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Cuckoo Class

On the North Site :  Cuckoo Class with Ms Watkin, Zehra and Mariam. 

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18.5.20 Wow to all the fantastic Cuckoos!

We did so much better in the TT Rockstar challenge this week because we had some new people joining in to earn us points! We didn't win, but we are getting better and that's what makes me proud of you. 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week so I thought I'd share an activity to help you spread a bit of love at home. It's called a Kindness Calendar and looks like this;

The idea is simple, you choose any act of kindness you want to do each day, one for yourself and one for someone else (they don't have to be ones from my example). Not only does it feel good, but doing things for others can help improve relationships, it bonds our community or family and can help everybody feel a little bit better. I'd love to see you all starting this positive habit - you could encourage your family to join in and see how it feels after a week. 

Once again you've all been hard at work and I've seen some great pictures;  

Saif made this fantastic piece or artwork inspired by the French painter Auguste Herbin.  As you can see he then labelled each shape with it's French name - bravo Saif,  bon travail!



Yasin powered his lego car using air from a balloon and tried this funky 3D effect artwork. 


Ilenia has been completing lots of work, still using her beautiful handwriting (and writing with a pen!) and sorting which parts of fruits and vegetable we eat. 

13.5.20 Thank-you for keeping in touch

Being at home can be a little bit lonely sometimes so it has been really nice to get pictures from you so I can see what you've been up to. It's important to remember the fun that we've had this year so I've been working on a project that I hope to finish this week - so watch this space!

What was your favourite memory of year 2 so far? Let me know by drawing a picture, writing about it or you could even act it out! 

Big thumbs up to all of you working hard. Some excellent maths from Cormac, and beautifully presented work from Anisa. 



And finally, well done to Arsalan who has earned his first Yellow star on the Millionaire reader board for reading a whopping 63,049 words so far this year!

4.5.20  Who is ready for another week of learning at home?


It was great to see some of you logging onto your new YUMU accounts this week to complete your music lessons! Well done to Micah, Yasin, Aasiya, Ki'shell and Jakin for diving in and earning yourself coins. I have put a new lesson there for this week, so if you need you log-in please e-mail me at 

Another well done to those of you still continuing to practise your times tables and reading quizzes at home. I am sad that we have not won ANY rockstar battles yet so please log on and get practising!  

 I know lots of you will be missing P.E too so I have attached a sheet at the bottom of this page with a target skill you can all practice at home; throwing and catching!

And finally I have another fun project for you to try in relation to our Plants topic this term. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left the top of a carrot in a saucer of water? Look at the fact sheet below to find out what to do to try this experiment that brings a carrot (or celery) back to life! Or just copy the picture and see what happens. 


Also, I am getting my detective hat on. I don't know where all of the Cuckoos have gone - have you seen one? I spotted Mustafa drinking a milkshake on the market last week. If you spot one please e-mail me a picture at or if you are one - write to me to say hi :) and tell me what you're doing. 

24.4.20 You've got through another week, give yourselves a marshmallow clap! 

I have been wowed by the work that you have been sending this week and want to say a big WELL DONE to all of you who are staying busy at home. These children have used the sites that we can access from home and have done very well on them, keep it up!  

Lots of you have been completing our daily tasks and there has been so much to celebrate this week. Yasin made a beautiful collage and poem, to mark Earth day on Wednesday, by recycling materials which is one of the best ways to get crafty! 

Cormac researched where our food comes from and knows all about their sources,  and completed the St. Georges day maths and reading tasks as well. Yasin's monster is there too. 


Saif has worked on lots of his own projects, like this water fountain, and having a dinner party with some beautiful butterflies. 

      As well as making these beautiful artworks of geometric patterns and a nature Mandala. 

If you are marking Ramadan this month I wish you well and hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend! Ms. Watkin

21.4. 20 Girls just want to have fun!

Here's some inspiration for the fun things you could be trying out at home! 


20.4. 20 Welcome to Summer Term!

If, like me, you're a little bit fed up that we're not back at school yet, here are some activities that might help take your mind off things and RELAX you too. 

Nature Mandalas  Do you know what has blown into your garden/street with all the wind we have had recently? This fun activity makes use of the nature that surrounds us. To make a Mandala the idea is to collect items and arrange them in a pattern working from the centre outwards. You can use  twigs, petals, grass, rocks, leaves, buds, catkins and much more. Try to make your pattern ‘balance’ so that it has the same thing on each side. The best thing is that you can rearrange it as many times as you like. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it to me!

Bird Spotting. At the moment I have some Blue Tits nesting in my garden – I have to shoo the neighbour’s cat away to keep them safe!  The good thing about bird spotting is that all you need is a window (if you can see a tree that is a bonus). This website shows you some of the common garden birds you can spot at this time of year. See if you can sit quietly and listen out for the different sounds of each bird. In Walthamstow it is common to hear the very noisy Magpies! They are the big black and white birds that make a ‘caw caw’ sound.


Staying Active – D.A.N.C.E!

Now I know the Cuckoos and I know they don’t take too much convincing to burst into a dance. This Girl Can (also for BOYS) and Disney have teamed up to make these videos which are all about moving your body to stay active and have a good time. So, if you want something a bit different to Joe Wicks (who we still love) then give this a whirl! You can find their videos here

Well done to the children who have accessed these sites at home!

17.04.20 Today I thought I'd share with you some more of the impressive things that you've been doing at home. I love seeing what you're getting up to, and am especially impressed at all the different projects you guys have been exploring, like Saif's homemade garden pond. On Monday we'll be starting our new topic on Explorers and Plants - which are two of my favourite topics ever! Lookout for the Topic Map on the home learning page. 


                                   ​​           ​​​​​

Ilenia typed up her Easter diary entry using the Word programme on a computer. 



15.04.20 Welcome back Cuckoos

I have so much to share with you this week because lots of you have been very busy completing your home learning tasks. I've seen some beautiful pictures and great writing - so lets get started. A big well done to this week's stars. Aasiya made this beautiful picture as her entry into the Art Club exhibition. 


Ki'shell has been practising telling the time and reading every day. 

Cormac made toothpaste that he didn't like as much as his regular one, Madiha has been writing poetry and Saif has been doing lots of different activities including drawing Claude and looking at Bar Charts in Maths. Keep up the great work everyone!


25.03.20  Hello Cuckoos!

Well done to everyone for keeping up with their home learning. Here are last week's superstars! 

25.03.20  Hello Cuckoos!  

Thank-you to Arsalan who sent a great start to his adventure of Claude and Sir. Bobblysock in the Jungle. 

Don't forget to send your work to our year group e-mail address so we can see all the great work you are doing at home: our address is