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Eco Council

Our Eco Council consists of representatives from every class and together we think about how we may look after the environment, our school, its grounds and the wider world. All of these are important things we can do to support the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We think that our school has lovely grounds and wild areas and we don’t have a litter problem outside.

But, we can do more!

So, each class has monitors to make sure:-

  • that there is someone to switch off the lights when we leave the classroom
  • that computers are switched off when we leave the room (especially at the end of the day)

So that we are doing our best to save energy!

On this page we will update you with all the Eco News from Mission Grove!

Spring Term:

We had a workshop all about air pollution. We learnt about the causes and effects.

In Enrichment, we cleaned out the pond to make it a healthy habitat for the frogs and other creatures that lived there. We realised the pond wasn't healthy because it was full of dead leaves which means there is not enough oxygen. Creating and maintaining habitats is part of our Eco Schools action plan.

Autumn 2:

This term we used the environmental review to help us create an action plan for our school, we will finish this next term and then start trying to make our school more eco friendly!

In November, we had a Climate Week to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow, where all the world leaders met to make new promises to do with climate change. Each day we looked at a new theme, we focused on fast fashion, personal echo pledges and even had a meat free menu on the Wednesday!

Year 2 took a trip to the charity shop to donate unwanted items:

Switch off Fortnight

The Eco Council checked all the classes each day during Switch off Fortnight to see which class were the best at keeping their lights and whiteboard screens off at lunchtime. 

Autumn 1:

Here are some posters that Year 2 made about our school environment:

We assessed how eco friendly our school is using the environmental review. We looked at things like litter, biodiversity and waste. 

We also completed a survey about house plants and leaking taps. We found that only one tap leaked which we will get fixed and four classes are without a house plant. Eco Council are going to propagate some spider plants to give out to these classes!