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Here at Mission Grove Primary School, we are committed to giving children the very best opportunities to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

Literacy Week 2020-2021

Literacy Week this year has been a magical success - we entered the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter! We practised lots of different literacy skills, including learning spells (and how to spell them), handwriting and speaking & listening. Some of us wrote our own stories, while others compiled different information pieces about characters from the stories.


Our other lessons were also Harry Potter themed - some classes played Quidditch, others investigated liquids that made potions, and others drew pictures of their Patronuses!

Friday morning was full of mist and mystery - all of our students had turned into witches, wizards, professors, animals - we even had Lord Voldemort visit!

Miss Jennings has even tranfigured into Professor McGonagall!