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Enrichment Hour

To enrich – the act of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding.

As children go through Mission Grove they will learn new skills and develop their knowledge in many areas of learning that will help them in life.

On a Friday afternoon we want to enrich this learning by giving the children the opportunity to have a 6 week taster in different specialist areas that they will choose themselves.

We have a range of activities that will be delivered by members of school staff and specialist tutors. They range from photography to yoga , to orienteering and debating.

The children will all be issued with an enrichment passport and this will go with them on their inquisitive journey of enrichment. It will log what they have learnt and achieved and whether or not they enjoyed the experience.

This engaging hour will not interrupt the daily Literacy and Numeracy lessons but will enhance all the children’s learning experiences.

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future. It is they who shape and enrich the minds of the young, who touch their hearts and souls. It is they who shape a nation's future.’ 

F. Sionil Jose