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Poem of the Day

I Watched a Blackbird

    by Thomas Hardy


I watched a blackbird on a budding sycamore

One Easter Day, when sap was stirring twigs to the core;

    I saw his tongue, and crocus-coloured bill

    Parting and closing as he turned his trill;

    Then he flew down, seized on a stem of hay,

And upped to where his building scheme was under way,

As if so sure a nest were never shaped on spray.


Ideas for this poem:

  • Spring is a time where many animals and plants begin new life. Can you keep a diary of all the new life you can see out the window?
  • Easter is a religious holiday celebrated around this time of year. What other religious holidays do you know of?
  • Draw a picture of the blackbird - or any other bird!

Keep sending through your work - it's lovely to see so many people enjoying poetry!

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