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Goldcrest Class

Hello Goldcrest!

BTO Garden Bird of the Month – November: Goldcrest - Discover Wildlife

Goldcrest class are based on the South Site with Miss Conroy, Miss Kida and Mrs Meryem.
We have lots of fun activities planned for this year and will be uploading some pictures of these to this page. 


We will be having PE on Fridays. Children should come into school in their Mission Grove PE kit and will not need to change into their school uniform after the lesson. 


Children should be reading and recording this in their Reading Record each day. Their book and Reading Record must come into school each day as we read these in class each morning. Children should read their book several times at home and in school and will be doing AR tests on these in school two to three times a week. 

Library / Accelerated Reader

Each child can use their AR login to access the myON website which has many books for all ages about many topics. 

After reading these books (at least twice), they  can then click on the orange button and complete an AR test. They should be able to do this independently. 

On Wednesdays, we will be visiting the Library Bus and swapping our books. 

Image result for library school bus | Mobile library, Library, Lending  library


Children can use their TTRockstars password to access Numbots and their timestables. 
Numbots helps children to practise their number facts. It starts easy and progressively gets harder. 

TTRockstars helps children to practise their multiplication and division facts. It is best to start with Garage games as this gives times tables that are suitable and that we are learning in class.