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Goldfinch Class

Hello and welcome to Goldfinch Class! The adults in Goldfinch Class are Mrs Nichols, Miss Cameron and Mrs Deeana.


Wednesday is our PE day so please send your child dressed in their PE kit.


Below is some information on the online resources children an use to help them with their learning.

Each child has a login (that is stuck on the back  inside page of their diary) to access the myON website which has many books for all ages about many topics. 

After reading these books (at least twice), can complete an AR test on them at school.



On Mondays, we will be visiting the Library Bus and swapping our books. 

Image result for library school bus | Mobile library, Library, Lending  library


Children can use their TTRockstars password (which are on the back of their reading diary) to access Numbots and their timestables. 
Numbots helps children to practise their number facts. It starts easy and progressively gets harder. 

TTRockstars helps children to practise their multiplication and division facts. It is best to start with Garage games as this gives times tables that are suitable and that we are learning in class.