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Goldfinch Extra Home Learning Tasks

Extra Home Learning Ideas: 

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  • Read a book in the most unusual place you can think of
  • Write your own rap/song
  • Build the highest tower you can out of household items
  • Create an obstacle course in your garden
  • Build a den that can fit at least two people in
  • Dress somebody up in the craziest outfit you can think of
  • Create a video message which can be shared with family/friends/teachers
  • Have an indoor treasure hunt Learn or choreograph a dance routine
  • Make an indoor restaurant and serve your family
  • Make a card for everyone at home
  • Arrange your food into an animal
  • Tidy your bedroom without being asked to by an adult 
  • Make a fitness routine and put your family through their paces
  • Give five compliments to people throughout the day
  • Have an upside-down meals day (breakfast for lunch etc)
  • Order your books alphabetically
  • Host a birthday party for a teddy or toy
  • Have a game of noughts and crosses
  • Sketch something in your house/garden
  • Tell a joke to make people laugh
  • Help your parent with a job/chore
  • Design your own indoor sports game
  • Set up your own indoor bowling alley
  • Use the resources in your house to make a musical instrument 
  • Host a talent show with the people at home
  • Create your own science experiment using the things you have at home
  • Complete 50 star jumps in one day
  • Design your own paper aeroplane


Super Websites for Home Learning: 

(These websites contain videos and activities for all primary school years. Please help your child choose appropriate learning topics - a 5 times table song rather than a 12 times table song or a nouns song rather than a passive voice song.)