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Goldfinch class

This page will let you know some things Goldfinch have been learning, and future events.

What are Goldfinch class up to? Check out our class page for exciting updates, current TT Rock Star battles, our wonderful work and much more!

Welcome to Goldfinch Class Homepage!

This half-term, our PE day is Thursday.  Please ensure the children come to school in the correct PE uniform.

Reading: Please encourage your child to read for at least 15 minutes per day. It is an excellent habit for them to develop.

Reading just before bedtime is a perfect way to get them ready for sleep!

This will also mean they will be ready to take more AR test in the morning sessions, which will help their understanding - which positively impacts their wider learning!!

Numeracy: Please encourage your child to also use TTRockstars - they love it, and it will keep them 'quiet', focussed and learning - a perfect combination.

Times table skills and understanding are important building blocks to their fluency in using numeracy skills.

Up and Coming dates

  • 10th February - Express Yourself - Thursday is a none uniform day, and the children can wear what they want that positively expresses their personality.
  • 11th February - Class Assembly

Week Commencing Monday 31st January 2022

This week, Goldfinch class have been continuing to learn about the Stone Age, in topic, and rocks, in Science. They are eager to share their learning next week.

This week Danil  really shined through his determination with his work. Here he is with his Gold certificate.

Image preview

Goldfinch class had a fantastic time at the Natural History Museum.

Here are some photos from the Goldfinch trip:

The children were really engaged, learning more about volcanoes.

In 1823 a fossil-hunter called Mary Anning was the first to discover the complete skeleton of a Plesiosaurus, meaning 'near to reptile'. This discovery would later make her famous. Here it is, displayed, below.



The Children did some great work on their task sheets!


Week Commencing Monday 24th January 2022

This week, Goldfinch class have been amazing. I have been forced to hand out lots of bronze and silver stickers!!

We have also had 4 gold certificates handed to Khadiijah, Lek, Suffiyah and Rayyan for fantastic work and contributions.  

Our Star of the Week this week is Jasmine: her perseverance with her handwriting and presentation has really paid-off and her work has improved because of it ....well done, Jasmine!

Image preview

Our Stone Age display is looking great, with the children's cave painting back-drop and their excellent woolly mammoths....the children worked really hard!

Image preview

Image preview

Week Commencing Monday 17th January 2022

This week, Goldfinch class did some fantastic work. They completed an Accelerated Reader level test and were focussed and really tried their hardest. This showed in their results, with a huge majority moving up to be able to read more challenging levels.

A particular thumbs-up needed to be given to Mia and Aleena, who were awarded Gold!

I also need to mention Jaysa and Jasmine, who have really progressed brilliantly too - and Gold certificates will be coming to them and other children if they continue their fantastic efforts! This is what we celebrate in Goldfinch!!

All children who moved up should be proud, and those few that didn't will be prepared next time - well done everyone!


Week Commencing Monday 10th November 2021

This week has seen the beginning of 'Switch-off Fortnight' and Eco week, where we have learnt about COP26 and climate change, and what we can do to do our part. Goldfinch Class have been creating some fantastic posters and coming up with some excellent ideas in class discussions.

I can really see that the children are beginning to think through their answers. Mia gave a fantastic answer for why people shouldn't throw away clothes, and what they should do with them instead: recycling, charity and up-cycling were mentioned by many children too - which was fantastic to hear!




Week Commencing Monday 11th October 2021

Goldfinch Class had a fantastic time this week, visiting Kew Gardens on a beautiful day.

Whilst in the Palm and the Lilly Pad houses, the children discovered what it feels like to be in a tropical climate.

They spotted banana and papaya plants growing, and were excited to see the fruits on the trees.

Inside they experienced the heat and humidity, and when they stepped outside, they found it cold!

More photos to follow!!

On Friday, we also had a performance from Rocksteady, which is an organisation that offers music tutoring. Following this, the children were given a letter that has all the details for sign-up.

Next week, following their trip to Kew, Goldfinch will be creating their own mini-biodome. Please give your child an empty 1.5 litre plastic water bottle. We will be planting some seeds in it, watering it and sealing it. Your child will bring it home, and you can watch it grow, together.

Don't open it, as it will be recycling the air and water!

Previous posts...


Goldfinch Class have had an amazing start to the year! We have been reading a book called Happy to help us focus on mindfulness and being happy. The children enjoyed going into the Wildlife area not only to enjoy the lovely weather, but they also used their senses to really focus and become more mindful of their surroundings. Here is our class display in the corridor with all the wonderful poems the children have written about what makes them happy, along with some lovely drawings. They did a fantastic job and have shown they can be incredibly creative.

Here are some examples (the whole board display is a pano, and it is not actually crooked!):








Stars Of The Week

All the children have had a wonderful start to the year. Over the first two weeks we have had a number of children shine, and we will be awarding ‘Star of the Week’ from next week.

Up and Coming Events

Year 3 Coffee Morning - Friday 17th September. Come along to meet and chat with the Year 3 teachers about any questions or queries you have about Year 3.

Jeans for Genes Day - Friday 17th September. Children can come in non - uniform and donate money to charity.

We can't wait for more fun and exciting learning next week!