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Goose class archive

Tuesday 26th May

Good Morning Goose class, I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy the lovely sunshine this weekend and all the Goose families celebrating, had a joyful Eid! Because it's half term we won't be putting any activities on the Year 1 Home Learning page, so you (and your adults) can have a well earned rest. On Fruity Friday the next Goose Class Production should be ready, this week it is Zakariya's story: The Super Ladybird!

 A big thank you to everyone who has sent me comments for their reports. If you haven't had the chance to do it yet, the questions, and film to help you remember some of the things we've done can be seen by scrolling down this page to the entry for Friday. 

A special well done to Emaan who was a Wannabe Rockstar last week and is now a Headliner! Remember, Goose class, each time your name appears in a star you get 5 house points! 

Have a good week! Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose xx

 Ssh! Sneaky peak of The Twits chapters 10 - 15!


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Ssh! Sneaky peak of The Twits chapters 6 - 9!

Mr and Mrs Twit are getting up to lots of tricks with frogs in a bed and worms in spaghetti!


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It's Fruity Friday, Goose class! Hurray! You have been very busy bees this week, with lots of amazing maths, topic, art and literacy: Zakariya's story will be coming soon and Yassin received his first book review for The Mystery (if you missed Yassin's story, click here to listen to this, and the rest of your fantastic stories). This morning I have a special mission of great importance, a fantastic craft activity from Miss Rose and some of your latest work in our Goose Gallery. But first, my important mission!

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose xx

Very important mission!

I have been very busy writing your end of year reports. On the report, there is a place for you to say what you have enjoyed in Year 1. Can you get an adult in your home to pretend to be me asking you my special questions? If they email me back your answers I can write them onto your report. I have written the questions in the purple box below and, I've put together a slide show of things we've done to help you remember. So, first, watch the film (watch right to the very end!). After that ask an adult in your home to pretend to be me, and ask you the questions. Next, ask the adults to email your answer to me at I will then copy your answers on to your report, and, finally, in years to come you can look back at it and it will help you remember what a fantastic time you had in Year 1!


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Let's get crafty with Miss Rose!


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Goose Gallery!

I have been very impressed with Ushna's maths work. She has even been tackling some extra challenges.

Eli Noah wrote a super book review of Grandad's Island. It has really  helped Mr Darling to plan the books that will be studied next year.

Sayfullah has been doing some super subtraction work and a beautiful picture of a toucan. I love the way he responded to my suggestions and added some brighter colours. 

Thursday 21st May


Good morning Goose class and a very Happy Birthday to Elias! We hope you have a lovely day. Here is a Birthday song!


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Ssh... A sneaky peak of the first 5 chapters of a new story.

Its The Twits written by Roald Dahl and chosen by Marilyn. The story is about Mr and Mrs Twit, two people who are very mean and horrid. They've kept Muggle-Wump the monkey and his family caged in the garden for far too long and now the monkeys want to take their REVENGE...


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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Sayfullah, Sufyan, Malaiaka, Maraima, Areesha, Ushna, Fatimah, Aaliyah, Yassin, Marilyn, Emaan, Mae, Elias, Akil, Zimaam, Ladislav, Emmanuel, Maja, Zayan, Subhan, Zakariya, Amran, Laiba, Akbar, Eli Noah, Kenzo,  Miguel and Miss Rose. Click here to listen to a song I chose especially for Miss Rose! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather. I have been digging in my garden and found this object. What do you think it is?

Storytelling challenge

Today we have The Witch written and illustrated by Maja. We hope you enjoy it!


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Maybe you can think of another adventure this lovely witch could have? 

If you would like us to record one of your stories or, if you want to video yourself reading your story  then please send it to Miss Rose and I at

Goose Gallery!

What  a lot of work Emaan has been doing! As well as learning to tell the time she has also found time to write a letter to a classmate and a birthday card to Ushna.

Sayfullah sent in some super maths work, confidently making different amounts with coins. He has also designed a very safe shelter for the rainforest and a very carnivorous Venus Flytrap!

Coming soon... The next story for Goose Class Productions is by Zakariya. He spent time looking at his books at home, researching different story openings and endings. His story was inspired by a ladybird that he saw. It is beautifully written with fantastic punctuation!

Maja has created a lovely flower book. I hope she didn't get stung! She is loving doing maths, and I love her super spelling.

Ushna had a lovely birthday and has sent a picture of her strawberry birthday cake. Yummy... perfect for a sunny day!

Thank you, Yassin, Miss Rose and I were really pleased to receive this! 

Monday 18th May


Good morning Goose class and a very Happy Birthday to Ushna! We hope you have a lovely day. Here is a special song to sing-along with! This morning we also have another Mystery Photograph challenge and, a beautiful puppet show based on the story I Want My Hat Back made by the Little Angel Theatre company.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose xx


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It is really good to see that so many of you are keeping up with your Bug Club and TTRockstars! A special well done to Emaan who is now a Wannabe Rockstar! Each time your name appears in a star you get 5 house points!

Well done to Malaika, Ushna and Eli Noah who correctly recognised last weeks Mystery Photograph: Zimaam was buying some peppers for our healthy pizza.

Mystery Photograph!

Here is a tricky challenge: one of your classmates is peeping out from behind part of this display.  Can you name the giddy hiding Goose? You will need to look very closely! Let us know how you get on or if you need a clue. You could earn two house points!

I Want My Hat Back!

This puppet show was made in the performers living room during lockdown! Maybe you could try and make your own puppet show.


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Goose Gallery!

Ushna  has done some super work identifying 2D and 3D shapes. I love the way Ushna has drawn coloured the the 3D shapes: they look three dimensional!

Thank you, Eli Noah for this beautiful story, you are just like Benji Davies: an author living in Walthamstow! Well done for correctly identifying the flowers! 


Ssh... A sneaky peak of The Enormous Crocodile Part 3!

If you missed parts 1 and 2  you can find them by clicking here! 


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It's Fruity Friday, Goose class! Hurray! Miss Rose and I have really enjoyed hearing how you have been getting on this week. If any of you made Miss Rose's cute bird do send us a picture, we would love to see them. I have finished making the video for Yassin's story (Yassin, I persuaded my husband to be the Big Bad Wolf!). We also have something to help inspire you to write a story yourself and, some more of your work is in the Goose Gallery. But first, here is a perfect song  to go with our Rainforest topic and get you moving. It's from The Jungle Book.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose xx


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Storytelling challenge

Today we have The Mystery by Yassin. It's full of surprises! We hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to write a story that could be turned into a film and need some inspiration click here! This website has lots of different images that might get your imagination running wild! Maja, Yassin and Ushna all used it to get their ideas.


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Goose Gallery!

Areesha has made some eye-catching posters, thanking the NHS and key workers. I love the fancy lettering, Areesha. Perfect lettering for posters and classroom displays!

Eli Noah prepared an excellent story plan for Grandad's Island and designed a shelter to keep himself  safe in a rainforest. It has a metal door to keep out danger.

Sayfullah has been doing maths and spellings and took his pencil for a musical walk!

Amongst many things, Ushna has done some super maths this week. I can see she has started a new exercise book. If any of you need more exercise books let me know and we can arrange for you to get more through the school.


Goose Gallery!

Malaika has written two letters, one as herself and another pretending to be Syd from Grandad's Island, she has also done some excellent work on place value and has taken her pencil for a walk to a piece of music called 'Spring' by an Italian  composer called Vivaldi. What beautifully presented and thoughtful work, Malaika!

It was Eli Noah's blue flowers that gave me the idea of taking some pictures of my flowers. He has also been doing maths, literacy, french and calculating how many house points he has received recently! 

I have been enjoying sharing scientific thoughts by email with lots of you and Areesha has proved herself to be a 'Super Science Sleuth'; updating me on her observations of snails  and producing detailed observations of the lifecycle of frogs. Ribbit! 

Zakariya has really impressed me with the lovely letter he has written to a classmate; it has capital letters, fullstops, question marks, finger spaces and the full date! Well done, Zakariya! 

Ushna has written a piece about Victory in Europe Day and why it is  important that we remember and celebrate.  

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning, Goose class. I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I have been busy persuading my husband to dress up as a wolf (... wait and see) and pretending to be a post lady; emailing the letters that you have been writing to your friends. This week we will be celebrating Aaliyah's birthday, and today I have some music to dance to, Ushna's  story for you to listen to, the second part of The Enormous Crocodile, the Goose Gallery of your work and, as always, there will be more fun tasks on our Home learning page.

Well done to all those who recognised last weeks Mystery Photograph. It was taken during STEM week and I was about to spray water on Mariama's beautiful penguin! Well done, Areesha for correctly identifying Africa, as the continent that the Painted lady butterfly would be visiting. I have logged all house points awarded!

If you have a letter that you would like me to forward to a classmate, or a story for our Story challenge,  or just want to say 'Hello!' email

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose x

Mystery Photograph

For 2 house points can you tell me what Zimaam is holding and, do you remember what we made with them when we got back to class? We all thought It was delicious?

Here are this weeks star readers and TTRockstars! I am very impressed! You earn 5 house points each time your name appears in a star, so be sure to log in! If you have difficulty accessing Bug Club or your TTRockstars accounts let me know.

Ssh... A sneaky peak of The Enormous Crocodile Part 2!

If you missed part 1, you can find it by clicking here! 

Goose Gallery!

Here is some of the work that Eli Noah has been doing recently. I am very impressed with the way he has tackled the maths challenges, spotted 'flabbergasted' and presented his work so clearly. Well done, Eli Noah!

Ssh... here is a sneaky peak of Maja's next story. I will be recording it very soon.

Ssh... a sneaky peak of Yassin's story! It will appear this Fruity Friday! 

I love Ushna's mythological creature! It has the legs of an amphibian and the head of several different types of mammal! Do you all remember doing something like this  in class?

Sayfullah  has had a busy bank holday! Here are some of the things he has been doing;  getting to grips with place value, writing a letter to a friend, making some bunting and drawing a very cheeky looking enormous crocodile. Phew...  Sayfullah, you (and mummy), must be exhausted!


Happy Birthday, Maja! We hope you are having a lovely day.

Click here for a birthday treat! (The picture is a clue.)

Story writing challenge!

 We are very impressed with the stories you have been sending in for our story writing challenge! Ushna and Yassin'sstories will be appearing next week. Today we have a retelling of a traditional tale by Areesha. 

If you would like us to record one of your stories or, if you want to video yourself reading your story  then please send it to Rose and I at and we can put it here to share with your friends.




Last November we learnt about why people wear red poppies for remembrance and I gave an assembly about a boy called Harry, who was fighting fires during the Second World War. Today is VE Day, when the country celebrates 75 years since the fighting ended in Europe. So, to share that moment in history click here to listen to a piece of music that was popular 75 years ago.

Thursday 7th May 2020

Happy Birthday, Eli Noah! We hope you are having a happy day! Click here! 

What a day! The butterflies have come out of their chrysalides! I filmed my husband releasing one of them. This kind of butterfly is called a Painted Lady.  They go on a long journey to a different continent. Can you work out which one? Here is a clue:

A _ r _ _ aGoose Gallery

Maliaka has sent Rose and I pictures of different activities she has been doing. What fantastic presentation, Malaika! 

Areesha, Ushna and Yassin have been hard at work preparing stories for out Goose Class Productions! There stories will be appearing on the website very soon, but here is a look at their work in progress.



Yassin (he has also been labelling the human body.)

Sayfullah has done some excellent work on place-value and literacy. I loved the way you were happy to try another method when drawing the tens and ones. We both agreed it worked well!

Sshh... here is a sneaky peak of a new story!

This is a story about a crocodile. An enormous crocodile who likes to eat... children! It is a little bit longer than the other stories I have read, so I have divided it into 3 parts. This is part 1! 




Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning, Goose class I hope you have had a good weekend. Fancy learning a dance routine? I know a lot of you will like this one -   Click here! 

Well done to Yassin, who correctly identified Wednesday's mystery photograph;  we were investigating what happened to materials when heated. Yassin earned 2 house points and 3 bonus house points, by remembering extra facts that we learnt! 

Here is another 'Mystery Photograph' for you all to have a go at and earn 2 house points. What am I doing in this picture?  Email Rose and I if you think you know what is happening:

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning, Goose class I hope you have had a good weekend. Fancy learning a dance routine? I know a lot of you will like this one -   Click here! 

Well done to Yassin, who correctly identified Wednesday's mystery photograph;  we were investigating what happened to materials when heated. Yassin earned 2 house points and 3 bonus house points, by remembering extra facts that we learnt! 

Here is another 'Mystery Photograph' for you all to have a go at and earn 2 house points. What am I doing in this picture?  Email Rose and I if you think you know what is happening:

This week we have two Goose birthdays to celebrate; Eli Noah on Thursday and Maya's birthday is on Friday! 

Don't forget my Story Writing Challenge! I need new stories to read.

Mrs Cartwright and Miss Rose xx

Here are this weeks star readers and TTRockstars! I am very impressed! You earn 5 house points each time your name appears in a star, so be sure to log in! If you have difficulty accessing Bug Club or your TTRockstars accounts let me know.

Goose Gallery!

Zakariya described how he could 'taste the rain' and feel the fur of a gorilla' on Grandad's Island and how he would like to play with Kenzo! This is a descriptive piece of writing, Zakariya, well done. He has also made some alien words and used them to test his brothers knowledge! 

Sayfullah has been researching our new topic and has produced a beautifully written fact file. It definitely rains a lot in rainforests! He has also had a go at the celery experiment and created a colouring sheet to help nursery children learn about 2D shapes. You have been working very hard, Sayfullah, keep it up!

Areesha has been busy as a bee working on spelling patterns and doing some scientific research in her own work books.  She has also bravely explored her garden for mini-beasts! Areesha you are an intrepid (brave) explorer! 

Good morning, Goose class. It's Fruity Friday! 

I have two exciting news items for you today; an invitation to a  music mission and a Goose story writing challenge!

Music mission. Miss Jennings has set up an account for you with a website called Charanga. I have set up some great activities that you can do while we aren't together at school. You can; learn to sing a song, play find the beat games and listen to some different types of music. You will need a username and password. All the information you need to get started is in a folder at the bottom of this page.

(You will need to scroll all the way down to the bottom!)

Story writing challenge!

 Listen to this  story written by Maja. If you would like us to record one of your stories or, if you want to make your own recording of you reading your story, then please send it to Rose and I at and we can put it here to share with your friends.

Let's start our own story telling production company!




Have a lovely weekend and remember, Miss Rose and I miss you all very much and are very, very proud of you! xx

Time for a sing - click here!  After you've had a sing, take a look at some your great work.

Goose Gallery!

Areesha created an eye-catching poster for Earth Day, complete with continents! Areesha has been doing lots of work at home, and I thought she might forget how many house points she'd been earning, so I set her a maths word problem to solve! Correct, Areesha, you had earned 6 house points altogether! (Send in photos of your work and you could earn house points too!)

Maja has been busy doing maths, grammar and spellings. I love the way you have carefully laid out your maths work, Maja; just like when you are in class.

This week, Sayfullah turned his bedroom into a rainforest (hope that was OK, Mum?) and Zakariya has been writing about his favourite things. What super work, boys!

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning Goose class, I have been sorting out our class photographs. I love this picture because you are concentrating so hard on what is happening; you seem mesmerised and can't take your eyes away! Can you remember what is happening?

If you can remember email, Rose and I, on Get it right and you could earn 2 house points!

Rose and I have been so impressed with the work you have been doing. Well done and thank you to all who have been in touch (children and family) ; it makes our day! Here are some of the highlights since yesterday!

Miss you lots

Mrs Cartwright and Rose xx

Have you been busy baking?

 Ushna has been making chappattis and Areesha has made Ramadan cupcakes. 

It was a treat to hear from Yassin this week. Has been working very hard.

Sayfullah tackled the 2D and 3D shape challenge and brain teaser. He correctly identified Toblerone as being a triangular prism! (Sayfullah, Toblerone is one of my favourite types of chocolate.) He has also practised his spellings and produced some lovely writing, complete with capital letters, finger spaces, full stops! 


Ushna has been researching what plants need to grow. This is a super piece of work, Ushna. I particularly like the way you have presented a scientific question and the detailed scientific drawings. I know you have also been conducting experiments to support your thinking. Well done!

Sshh... Goose class here is a sneaky peak of a new story! 




Monday 27th April 2020

Good Morning!  Wake up girls! It's Monday! Why are you feeling sleepy on a train?

Ramadan Mubarak to all the Goose families celebrating!

Here is some information about Ramadan, how and why it is celebrated.

A huge  well done to Ushna, who is making enormous progress with her TTRockstars. She has over 61,000 coins and a fast speed across all the multiplication tables! Eli Noah, and Zakariya are also doing really well. 5 house points each! 

This weeks star readers are ; Laiba, Eli Noah, Miguel, Ushna, Sayfullah, Emaan, Zimaam and Maya. Well done! 5 house points each!

Here is some of the work you have been doing.

Zakariya has been doing some very delicious looking baking. Hmmm... I have put the pictures in the wrong order! The mixing should come first! (If I got things in the wrong order in class you would all be shouting at me; 'No! Mrs cartwright!') Zakariya has also built a boat inspired by Grandad's Island. Land ahoy!

Malaika has two lovely pieces of writing inspired by Grandad's Island and a mind map with some really good questions. What beautiful handwriting you have Malaika!


Sayfullah has been working hard producing a marvellous piece of writing inspired by Grandad's Island a diary of his day and art inspired by Mme Zanon's challenge. How busy you have been, Sayfullah! What super spelling you have!

Ushna has been finding out about plants and the rainforests and created a thoughtful piece of art about corona virus with 'Love' at it's centre. Beautifully done, Ushna!




Have a lovely day Goose class and don't forget to visit the Home Learning page for lots of activities and a Goose class favourite Roar!  Keep reading!

Mrs Cartwright and Rose xx

It's fruity Friday and I fancy a lovely cup of tea...

That's better, thank you girls! Now for a for a dance! Click here to listen to a Goose favourite.!

Ms Watkins in year 2 had a lovely activity for her class. I thought you might like to try it too!

Nature Mandalas  Do you know what has blown into your garden/street with all the wind we have had recently? This fun activity makes use of the nature that surrounds us. To make a Mandala the idea is to collect items and arrange them in a pattern working from the centre outwards. You can use  twigs, petals, grass, rocks, leaves, buds, catkins and much more. Try to make your pattern ‘balance’ so that it has the same thing on each side. The best thing is that you can rearrange it as many times as you like. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it to us.

Goose class you have been very busy. Below is some of the lovely work that you have been doing. Visit the Home Learning Gallery for more work.

Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Cartwright and Rose xxxx

Your work


Laiba has been telling the time and recognising coins; I like that shopping game. Thank you for sending in these photographs, Laiba (and of course, mummy!).


Maja has made a super prediction about what will happen in Grandad's Island. (I love the way you remembered your capital letters and full stops, Maja. ) She has also created a character description of Grandad and still had time to do some work about time! What a star!



Sayfullah tackled the mystery of the  magic flowers and wrote a lovely description of the Grandad in our new book, Grandad's Island. (It prompted him to think about how special his grandad is; his hero. Thank you for sharing this, Sayfullah.) He has also created a mind map of thoughts about our new topic, rainforests! Well done!

Wednesday 22nd April

Ooh, Goose class, I've got a feeling today is going to be a good day!

Don't forget to visit our Home Learning page for lots of exciting activities! Click here to discover today's tasks!

If you didn't get a green and orange exercise book to take home during the last week we were in before Easter, please feel free to get in touch with the school to arrange a time to call in and collect them. They will be useful for the children to do their work in and, there are some extra little activities.

Here is some of the fantastic work that you have sent us since Monday!

Miguel did really well with the 'Ticklish Tadpole Task, predicting that my tadpoles will develop into froglets. 


Sayfullah has been hard at work predicting what our new book, Grandad's Island will be about.

Here is some of Areesha's handwriting practice, including, 'I like doing my school work'. Hurray!

I really enjoyed reading Ushna's beautifully presented menu plan: it was so easy to follow and provided a tasty and balanced diet. Hmm, I feeling peckish...

Here is a mummy (or daddy) frog in my pond with it's tadpoles. Have lovely day! 

Mrs Cartwright and Rose xx

Monday 20th April

Good morning, Goose class. I hope you had a good weekend. 

I was delighted to see that Eli Noah, Sayfullah, Ushna, Yassin, Zimaam, Emmanuel and Maja, all, logged into their Bug Club accounts last week. I have a special well done to Sayfullah, Zimaam and Maja, who have been doing well in their quizzes.

We have a new Rock legend on TTRockstars: Well done, Ushna! Ushna, also has earned 48,396 coins with Eli Noah, not far behind, on 45,880 coins. I am very impressed!

Thank you to all the children who have been in touch and sent Rose and I photographs of their work. We love to see it, and, we are really enjoying the conversations that we have with you by email. Rose and I, are  replying to all children (and families) who get in touch.

The address is: 

Here is a lovely message from Rose!

'Hello Goose class, I am missing you all so much, but, seeing your fantastic work makes me feel better. I love reading your emails updating me and Mrs Cartwright on what you have been doing at home. You have been working extremely hard on maths, phonics, handwriting and, of course, your beautiful artwork! We are so proud of you. If you haven't had a look yet, go to the storytelling page. It really cheers me up to hear Mrs Cartwright and the other teachers reading some of our favourite stories. Keep working hard but have fun too! See you soon. Love Miss Rose x'

Don't forget to visit the Home learning page. Everyday we will be putting new activities for you to try at home, and, we have a new topic! Here is a clue. Can you guess what it will be? 

Mrs Cartwright xx

Sayfullah has been drawing tigers and telling the time!


He has even found the time to help make pasta!

Ushna, has drawn an intriguing  house.


Happy Fruity Friday, Goose class!

Remember this?

Why are you sitting outside with biscuits? 


Well done to all the children who are practising their TTRockstars. Emmanuel, you continue to be a Rock Legend! Don't forget, you can also use your TTRockstars login and password to practise your number bonds on the Numbotswebsite

Here are some recent highlights from the Goose Gallery 

Maja did well in the  Chocolate Challenge! Including solving the bonus challenge - ECHO! 


Cheeky Maja, also gave Rose and I the opportunity to earn 5 house points, if we could name the character she had drawn, and what he is wishing for. Do you know the answers? 


Marilyn has  tackled LOTS of different activities.

It's so lovely to see that you are checking the website and having a go at the  tasks! Well done! Next week we will be putting a variety of activities on the Home Learning Page and will be starting a new topic! Hooray! Keep up the good work, Goose class, and remember Rose and I love to hear from you. 

Mrs Cartwright x

A sneaky peak of a new story that will be appearing on the Story Telling Page.

It involves a pigeon... a pigeon with dreams! Big dreams...




Wednesday 15th April 2020

Good morning Goose class. I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays 'Chocolate Challenge'? Well done to Malaika  for finding more words than her teacher! You earned your 5 house points.

Don't forget to visit the Home Learning page for daily activities and tasks you can  click here to be connected.

I was delighted to see that Zimaam, Miguel, Sayfullah, Ushna, Emmanuel and Maja had all logged into their Bug Club accounts over the past week. I have awarded each of you 2 house points. Read! Read! Read!

I fancy a song and dance to start the day. Click here to play an old favourite!

Here are photos of some of the things your classmates have been up to.

Malaika worked out a good system for tackling the Chocolate Challenge.

Marilyn followed a recipe to make some delicious banana cake. It looks really good!

Areesha has been helping out in the kitchen, carefully chopping and preparing ingredients and still having time to practise her handwriting.


Keep up the good work!

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Hello Goose class, I hope you have had a great Easter and didn't eat too much chocolate!

I tried to make some Easter eggs using some very old, Victorian, Easter egg moulds! Degree Dog was helping a lot. First we had to heat the chocolate (do you remember doing that in class?) to make it melt. Next, we carefully had to  paint the chocolate inside the mould and then leave it to set hard in the fridge. After that, you are supposed to remove the chocolate egg from the mould... Only it was stuck! Rose sent me a message telling me to lick it with my tongue... the end I put it in the freezer, because, when very cold, chocolate shrinks. Finally, I got the egg out of the mould! Hurray! (Did you spot my use of time connectives?) 

Mystery Easter Bunny Challenge

Well done to Ushna and Kenzo for correctly identifying the 'Mystery Bunny'. It was Maja! You each have earned 5 house points (and so has Maja)!

It is so lovely to see that you are checking the website and completing the tasks. Keep sending in your pictures, Rose and I love to see your work and are very proud of you all:

Here is some of the work your friends have done recently.

Kenzo sent a lovely message and birthday greeting for Rose. What a delicious looking cake!

Sayfullah has been doing lots of maths; working on the tricky teen numbers and partitioning! Well done, Sayfullah, and thank you for the lovely art work; it made me smile.


Areesha has been practising her handwriting and her 5 times tables. She has also drawn some beautiful birds! Keep up the splendid work, Areesha.


Ushna has also been working on her 5 times tables and her spellings. Keep up the excellent work.


I feel like going BANANAS!






Can you remember how to do it? Let's give it a go! Let's Twist!





A big well done and thank you to all the children who have sent in pictures of their work! Rose and I are really impressed! Click here to visit the Home Learning Gallery and the Easter Bonnet Parade!
Happy Thursday, Goose class!

I have a confession to make... remember I thought my caterpillars had become chrysalides? Well, I was a bit hasty! It turns out they were just having a rest!  I know what you would all say: 'It's OK to make mistakes, Mrs Cartwright, that's how we learn!' I shall make sure that I look more carefully in future!  Here they are. Can you draw a picture of what will happen next?

Here is a lovely film called Caterpillar Shoes.

Mrs Cartwright xx




A sneaky peak of a new story!

Good afternoon Goose class, here is a sneaky peak of a new story I have recorded for the schools Storytelling page. I love pancakes, I'm sure Rose loves pancakes and so do...




Exciting news!

Miss Jennings has started a Storytelling page where  you can enjoy  listening to stories read by Mission Grove teachers (including me!). Click to choose a story. 

Tuesday 6th April

Good Morning Goose class, I really enjoyed watching Kenzo and Akbar singing and signing Friends Forever. Inspired by the boys I though it would be good to have a sing and sign a long at home!




I will sort out the photographs of the chysalides and tadpoles this afternoon so you can have a close look tomorrow.

Please keep sending in your work or emailing to say hello. Rose and I miss you all very much!

Malaika has been very busy creating a diorama of Antarctica. She used an egg box for the mountains and paper for the sea and ice. She also made an origami whale and some penguins and fish. She said it was 'really fun to do'.


Ushna has been designing posters advising everybody on how to stay safe and has written some fantastic sentences using adjectives. Even describing her teacher as 'easy going'! 


Have a lovely day, Goose class and keep reading!


Marvellous Monday, Goose class!

We hope you had a good weekend and are ready for the week ahead. This week we will have some fun Easter activities for you on the Home Learning page. Spring is here! I now have tadpoles in my pond and my caterpillars are starting to become chrysalides! I will get some photographs to show you. 

Well done  to Marilyn, Maya, Ushna, Eli and Laiba for their Bug Club reading! I have awarded you two house points each! Keep it up! Thank you to everyone  who has emailed us to say 'hello'. Please get in touch; Rose and I love to hear from you:

Ushna has been identifying the points on a compass and using a Venn diagram to sort animal diets. Well done, Ushna!


This is a film I made one day when we were getting ready to go for lunch: it's Kenzo and Akbar showing us how to sign-to-sing Friends Forever! Thank you boys! 




Saturday 4th April

Happy Birthday Miss Rose from Maja

Happy Birthday Miss Rose from Malaika.

"This is Miss Rose in the wildlife garden with her husband." Malaika chose yellow paper as it reminded her of Miss Roses' lovely bright jacket.

Happy Birthday Miss Rose from Akbar!

Happy Birthday Miss Rose from Areesha!

"Dear Rose A big birthday wish for a wonderful English teacher. I am able to write this message all because of you. Happy Birthday to the wonderful lady"

Dear Rose, Happy Birthday from Uzair!

Happy Birthday, Miss Rose, from Ushna!

Happy Birthday Rose from Mrs Cheeky Cartwright!

Rose, we miss you lots!

Here is one of your favourite stories.  Areesha has provided a clue...




Fruity Friday 3rd April 

Hello Goose class! It's Fruity Friday!

 Did you guess what was happening in the 'mystery photographs'? You were all pretending to be the 'Giddy toys' asleep in the Toy Museum and Rose was Bunting the old toy cat.

We have had some lovely work sent to us. Thank you, and keep sending it in. Rose and I love to hear from you all. The email address is

Maja has been working very hard indeed. I particularly enjoyed reading her short story about an octopus called Ribi who can do eight different things at the same time! I wish I could do that!


I have another story for you. This one is called Dogs Don't Do Ballet. I hope you enjoy it!




Tuesday 31st March 

Morning Goose class, I have recorded one of out favourite stories for you to listen to.




Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Goose class its Mrs Cartwright  here! The year 1 teachers will have a daily update of learning activities for you on our year group Home Learning page. We also have a Home Learning Gallery for you to visit (which also includes my pond, some frogspawn and some mystery visitors... )

Well done to all the children who have been logging on to their Bugclub and TT Rockstars accounts! Eli, Liaba and Zimaam have been very busy on Bugclub!

If you would like to send us  photos of the work you have been doing at home, or keep in touch and say hello, you can email us using the address below. (Please add the child's name and Goose class) We really love to hear from you all!

Below is some of the lovely work which children have been happy to share!

Maliaka has created some super artwork; penguins in the style of a famous artist called Andy Warhol.

Areesha has been busy practising her handwriting, helping mummy and doing lots of maths! 


Thank you, Ushna, for all the photos of your beautiful writing and artwork.



We loved Maja's work from the Home Learning page about tigers and her art for the Mission Grove Virtual Art Gallery. Well done, Maja!



Finally, thank you, Zakariya, for spreading 'creative love' with  your  Rainbow! 

Goose class what lovely work you have been doing! Look in the home Learning Gallery to see spring flowers by Ushnaand Areesha, Zakariya's splendid rainbow and some marvellous maths and literacy work from Ushna and Areesha.  Keep emailing- Rose and I love to hear from you all!

The Year 1 email address is :


Friday 27th March 2020

It's Fruity Friday!

Thank you for all the work you are sending in! Rose and I love looking at it and miss you all!

Look in the home learning gallery for lots of fantastic Goose work. House points are available!

The mystery photo didn't attach below so... here is a description. Why did all of you and Rose once sit on the desks with your eyes closed?

Email us if you can remember!

HAVE A FRUITY FRIDAY! And dance! Today I have chosen... The Bare Necessities!

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good afternoon Goose class! Happy Thursday!

It has been so lovely hearing from you and seeing the work you have been doing at home. I am flabbergasted! Thank you Maja, for your super literacy work, you thought of some excellent adjectives to describe a tiger and Ushna, for your beautiful description of your house and art work. I will upload 2 house points to each of you. I will also be putting 2 house points on the system for Areesha's maths and Zakariya's rainbow!

In case you haven't found it yet, I and the other year 1 teachers are posting daily activities for you to try at home. Here is how to find us:

First, you need to go to the Learning page, then click Year Groups. Next,  click 'Year 1' and finally click on 'Home Learning'. Scroll down and you will find lots of exciting challenges! 

Remember to keep reading and practising your tables and number bonds! I am going to have a cup of tea and choose photographs for the website.