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The role of the Governing Body is to ‘conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school’, ( website, 2014).

The Governing Body consists of unpaid volunteers, who work alongside the Head teacher to establish the aims and policies of the school; they are responsible for overseeing the organisation, curriculum and budget of the school.

Our Governing Body consists of:

  • 3 Parents (elected by Parents)
  • The Head teacher
  • 7 Co-opted including 1 staff member(elected by Governors )
  • 1 Staff members (elected by staff)
  • 1 Local Authority (elected by Governors)

If you would like to contact the Governing Body, you can do so by writing to the Chair of Governors, Roison Overton, at the school address or by email to



Name:      Vacancy
Position held: Coopted Governor


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Name:  Alexia Sparrow
Position held:  Co opted Governor, Curriculum Governors

I am a Personal Assistant to a Headteacher in Waltham Forest and a Clerk to Primary Schools in the borough too.

I am also a mum to a lovely little toddler!

In my spare time, I make and sell homemade beeswax candles!

Life is brilliant and busy.

I am so pleased to be joining Mission Grove’s Governing Body. I care about young people and children in our amazing community.

I am looking forward to working with all staff, children, parents and carers at Mission Grove.


Name:  Karla Thomas
Positions Held: Parent


My name is Karla Thomas and I am a parent to 4 children, 3 of which attend Mission Grove, my 6 year old daughter is in year 1, my 4 year old is in reception and my 3 year old is in nursery and one day my new born will be attending Mission Grove.

I am currently a member of the PTA, I have been a member of PTA for going on 2 years now. I decided I want to help our school reach its full potential so I decided to become a parent governor, which I love as I am a part of group of amazing people who are all like myself just want the best for our school, staff and pupils.

I have a lot of interest in all different things like I have certain qualifications in word processing, decorating, knitting, art and multi-skills which cover me on carpentry and tiling. I do love to work and engage with children and hopefully in the long run I will get a job within a school and be able to help teach our children as the kids of today are the future and to get them where they should I want to be able to help guild and show them they way, which is being a part of something special to me.


Name:  Nick Serban 
Positions Held:  LA Governor, Finance Committee



Name: Margaret Clark
Position Held: Copted Governor - Finance committee

I have worked in education - mostly in Waltham Forest - since 1984. Now semi-retired I want to keep supporting children and families locally and volunteering as a local governor enables this. In my spare time I am a gardening enthusiast and enjoy the theatre, cinema and time out with my dog, family and friends.

Anely Cabezas- Parent Governor

Name: Anely Cabezas
Position Held: Parent Governor, Curriculum committee

I have 3 children at Mission Grove(South Site), one in Year 6, one in Year 4 and one in Year 1. I believe Mission Grove is a great school and my children had thrived during their time at the school. I have always been involved as a volunteer with school trips and being a Parent Governor gives me the chance to be more involved with the school and support their great work.

I am a trained Hypnotherapist and a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher and love all things birth. I am originally from Cuba but has been living in London for 16 years now and East London has been my home for 12 years.

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Meshak Taylor

Name:  Meshak Taylor
Position Held: Co-opted Staff (Teacher Governor), Curriculum Committee

The role has provided me with great insight into the running of our school. As the teacher representative I feel it is important that key issues are circulated to colleagues from Governor Meetings as well as conveying issues that impact on the work and general well-being of all teachers. At Mission Grove we have been involved in many developments and the Governors have a vital role to play in any future success.:

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Name:  Rashda Choudhary
Position Held: Staff (Teacher Governor)

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Katie Jennings

Name: Katie Jennings
Position Held: Staff (Head Teacher Governor), Curriculum Committee, Finance Committee

I attend all the Governors meetings and give regular reports to the Governors regarding finance, data and the standards of teaching and learning here at Mission Grove. 

Roison Overton 

Name:  Roison Overton
Positions Held: Parent Governor, curriculum Committee


Robyn Skerratt

Name: Robyn Skerratt 
Position held: Co-opted Governor, Finance committee, Culture, Creative & Expressive Arts link, Training link

I am a civil servant and qualified town planner.
I want to support children and young people in the local community, so being a school governor is an ideal opportunity. I really like the ethos of Mission Grove and I am looking forward to working with the staff and pupils.
In my free time, I enjoy volunteering  and also love to travel. 

Susie McShane- Co-opted Governor

Name: Vacancy
Position Held Co-opted Governor



Lorraine Weir

Name: Lorraine Weir
Position Held: Co-opted Governor - Finance committee


I am a Finance Manager for both a Construction Company and a Cleaning Company.

I love children and want to assist in anyway I can in motivating them to believe “Yes You Can”. You can become anything you want to be so long as you set your goals and work at it.

It is a pleasure to be a part of Mission Grove Primary as I believe in their ethos.

My hobbies include being a part of amazing singing group (MKC) and going to the cinema (nothing beats a superhero movie).