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Highlight of the week

W/C 30/11/20- Our poetry performances were the highlight of this week! Hussein and Mia performed their poems with great expression and actions and Charles managed to memorise his poem in a really short space of time. We also had lots of fun creating our Egyptian god fact files. 

W/C 23/11/20- This week has been Literacy week and we focused on Harry Potter! We have had lots of highlights this week and lots of fun. We were sorted into our houses and we competed in a Quidditch tournament in PE! Ravenclaw finished 1st, Slytherin 2nd, Gryffindor 3rd and Hufflepuff 4th. The tournament was played in a good spirit and there were lots of close finishes and penalty shootouts! 


W/C 16/11/2020- Our investigation into if gas has weight and if you can make gas from a solid and a liquid. Hamza was an outstanding beater during our Quidditch session. There were some outstanding examples of passing and moving during our matches as well. 

W/C 09/11/2020- We played Quidditch for the first time and it was great fun! learning how to be chasers, beaters and seekers running after the golden snitch! The explanation texts on mummification that Moorhen wrote were excellent! 

W/C 02/11/2020- The Egyptian day was great fun and we mummified tomatoes, built pyramids out of spaghetti and marshmallows, created a timeline of Ancient Egypt and went on a virtual reality tour of the Great Pyramid of Giza and of the British Museum.

W/C 19/10/20- Our hockey tournament in PE was played in excellent spirit and the children really showed off the skills that they have developed over the course of the half term. It was great to see the manner they took part in and it was fun to watch! Our class reading time of 77 minutes and reaching over a million words for the year! 

W/C 12/10/20- Moorhen had 100% attendance this week! Well done everybody for being perfect with your attendance!  Maja for her excellent descriptive opening of her Iron Man narrative! 

W/C 05/10/20- Louis completing level 15 of the beep test. It was a great effort Louis! Well done! You showed great determination and worked out how to pace yourself through the lower levels.