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Home Learning

Live Lesson Schedule:

9:00 - Maths

11:00 - English

13:00 - Afternoon lesson

Log into your Teams account to join the lessons at these times. You have been assigned to either Group A or Group B, these groups will be taught by Mrs Ahmed and Mr Murray or Ms Carter and Mrs Osborne depending on which teacher is in school.

Monday 18th January

Maths - live on teams at 9am

Looking this week at mastering our skills in multiplication and division today we’ll recap what skills we need for both operations.

Red - Ms Carter

Blue - Mr Murray

Green - Mrs Ahmed/ Mr Garlick

Kinglet choose the colour maths group you are.


Literacy - live on teams at 11am

Task 1: Handwriting: This week we will be focusing on our 'ake' joins.

Can you think of different words ending in 'ake'. Try finding words that you don't often use. Look up the meaning of the word if your unsure and then use your best handwriting joins to write these words.

Task 2: In literacy this week we will be looking at one of the planets in our Solar System in detail and making notes in order to write a non-chronological report. 

Science 1 - live on teams at 1pm

Today we will be exploring about one of the most important factors that goes into our planets ability to have life on it: orbit. tune into the lesson to see a demonstration and then do the task. if you have a printer there is a resource below that you can print to make your own model.

Independent tasks:

Lifeskills Wellbeing Activity

Use the PSHE keeping calm sheet below and fill the clouds in with things that make you feel calm. 

Creative Writing

Write a short piece of creative writing about what landing on your base on the Moon or Mars. What happened when they landed? Was the base already there or did it have to get built? What does it do? Use your picture or model to help describe the setting in amazing detail. 


Remember to email your work to the following addresses:

Year 5 Group A:

Year 5 Group B: