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Home Learning - COVID Isolation

Wednesday 21st October:

Maths: Convert ml to l and interpret the blank scale for capacity. Questions on capacity.

Writing: Complex Sentences:

Topic: Learning By Questions available all day on Sumerian Comprehension. The code will be e-mailed to parents individually.


Thursday 22nd October:

Maths: Think about the volume of these 3d shapes. If each cube is 1cmhow much would each be worth. Remember to count the hidden ones!

Writing: Word meaning and understanding:

Topic: Use Espresso to research simple machines. There is a video and some pictures of different uses for them. Try to find some examples of them around your home.


Friday 23rd October:

PE: Use a workout from Youtube like Joe Wicks and see which exercises you found easy and which you found tricky, try and work extra on the tricky ones.

TT Rockstars

Myon Reading Project.

Computing: Think about what we have learnt in computing this half term, permission and terms & conditions, safe passwords, technology and sleep and advertising, and pick one to turn into some advice for someone. Imagine it is the tagline for a new advert like the ones we made earlier in the year.



Monday 23rd November


Converting units of metric measure. Today will be focused on converting from cm to mm and mm to cm. 


Look at the chart, to convert from cm to mm we must times it by 10.

To convert 13cm to mm we have to multiply by 10. 13x10=130, so 13cm is 130mm. 


Look at the chart, to convert from mm to cm we must divide it by 10.

To convert 185mm to mm we have to divide by 10. 185/10=18.5, so 185mm is 18.5mm. 


Fill in the missing values in this table, use a place value chart to help you multiply and divide by 10. Then measure some things in your house if you have a ruler or measuring tape and convert those. (If you don't have a ruler you can estimate some values of things and convert those.)



This week we will be writing a story about our mythical creature that you created last week. Start by trying to re draw your creature and all of the features you can remember. Then, using the slides in the pdf to guide you, plan your story today. As it is Literacy week, and our theme is Harry Potter, we will create a story of Harry fighting your fearsome mythical beast.


Watch this for an idea of how your story might go:

The setting will be the forbidden forest, if you have a device with access to Youtube, you can use these interactive videos:

The middle will be Harry finding your beast, think about why he is in the forest and why he might need to defeat the beast.

The end will be Harry fighting and defeating the beast, how does he do it, some trickery or magic? 

Our stories will be from Harry's point of view and you don't need to worry about any speech.



Download the Greek column sheet and have a go at replicating the design of the Greek columns, if you can't print don't worry, use it as a guide to draw your own from scratch. Use a ruler if you want, if and try to add some shading.


Tuesday 24th November


Continuing with converting units of measure, today you will be converting between km and m. There are 1000 metres in a kilometre. That means we need to multiply by 1000 to get from kilometres to metres and divide by 1000 to get from metres to kilometres.  

Use the chart for todays lesson and fill it in using a place value chart to do your calculations.  




Today you will write up part one of your chapter. Remember this is using the notes you made on the setting. Think about how to describe the journey into the forest and Harry’s thoughts and feelings on that journey. Where might Harry be going? Why is he there? 

Use the slides attached to help you. 

Don’t forget to send a picture of your work to us at 


Tri Wizard Tournament Board game: 

This week we will be making a Harry Potter Themed board game to practice some literacy skills. Use the document as a guide and think of some questions to ask. Use a real or digital dictionary to help you. All of the instructions are in the document, so get creative and have fun!