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Home Learning - COVID Isolation

Tuesday 24th November

You're in the right place to find the work you'll need to complete during this current isolation period. Every day there will be new Maths and English lessons, plus other subjects too. Be sure to check in each morning for your daily activities. Please email with evidence of your work each day and with any other questions you may have. 

Year 6 Stars of the Day

The Wall of Fame for children who make contact by emailing their work to us. Updated daily. House points will be awarded!

Wall of fame Monday 23rd November

Warbler Class

Max, Azlan, Ikram

Wheatear Class

Alisha, Nicole, Huda, Abbas

Whimbrel Class

Akif, Raliya

Woodlark Class

Stefana, Loridana, 

Wren Class




Listen to the Harry Potter theme to get yourself into the mood!

Yesterday your task was to design a new product for the Weasley Twins' shop. They sell a lot of practical joke items and we were hoping you would create something exciting! I especially loved Nicole's love potion and the wand charger!

Today, now that you have designed your product, you are going to create a written pitch to sell your product. Once you have followed the PDF of Tuesday's lesson, have  go at reading it out loud as if you were pitching to a company. Email me the video and I will post them on the Website! :)



Check your answers here:

Main task

LO: We are learning about the properties of 3D shapes

Flaming hot!!  - Name 3d shapes and their properties (some tricky) and sketch!

Spicy:  - Name 3d shapes and their properties (some tricky)

Mild:  – Name 3d shapes and their properties 


See PPT below 


This one can involve everyone in the family - and the more who can play, the better.

To play, you first select a “captain”.

The captain yells out orders and the crew have to follow the orders.

Here are the orders:

  • Bow: Run to the front of the boat (front of room)
  • Stern: Run to the back of the boat (back of room)
  • Port: Run to the left side of the boat
  • Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat.
  • Hit the deck: Lay down on your stomach
  • Salute: Salute and yell, “Aye, aye captain!”
  • Scrub the deck: Drop to your knees and pretend to scrub the floor.
  • Captain’s quarters: Everyone ran towards the captain.
  • SHARK!: Everyone must run to a designated base. The last player to the base is eliminated.


Coming soon: readings from An Elephant in the Garden.

Please continue to read your books and complete the comprehension quizzes at

If you have more books at home that you would like to read then you can check the reading level here:

You can also find more books at

Espresso Discovery  Education Login details

Username: student20709      Password: Mission2020

Don't forget to email in a copy of the work you have completed!