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Home Learning - Covid Isolation

The class teachers who are teaching remotely will  be hosting live lessons online so please login to your Microsoft Teams account to check what your class is doing. 

Teams Help Video

There will be three 30 minute live sessions from Monday to Friday. These will be at 9:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm.

We will also upload the resources for each day's lessons on here in case you have trouble accessing the teams meeting. On top of the work you do for the live sessions, we will be adding some fun extra activities such as PE, Art and Music, so make sure to check each day what's on offer!

You can always send your teachers work to our class email address. We would love to see all the things your are doing:

Make sure to check out your class pages, where we might celebrate your fantastic work, give out awards or specific class information too!


Please see the bottom of the page for the attached presentations and activities for today.

Monday 1st March


In Maths we are learning about identifying different types of angles.


For topic today, you will be learning about the Awa tribe in the Amazon. Have a look at the Powerpoint below!

Nature Studies

Today we will be looking at the concept if 'Biomimicry'. This is where things in nature inspire iventions and machines we use in everyday life, like aeroplanes, buildings and cars. There is a Powerpoint below will all the information and a task at the end for you to complete.


Zoom has made a new video for you to watch - click here!

Media Studies

What is your favourite TV show? Let's write a review on it! Please see the presentation below.


There is an art competition running to say thank you to the NHS for everything they do for us. You can choose to submit any kind of artwork you like - a painting, a drawing, a song, a poem, or whatever you feel like doing!

See the powerpoint at the bottom of the page for ideas and facts you can learn. The competition closes on April 30th.

Current Affairs

Please see the powerpoint and the First News edition at the bottom of the page. What article interests you the most?


This week we will be practicing pets vocabulary.

  1. Practice the pets vocabulary online here. Start with the introduction to see the words you will be practicing and click on them to hear their pronunciation. You can then go through the activities and games.
    Screenshot of the settings page options for the tutorial module
  2. Complete the task attached at the bottom of the page.

You can access the previous lessons here.

Well done to Clarabelle for her work before half term.


Try yesterday's Joe Wicks video here. Can you complete the whole workout?

Have a go at the Taskmaster #Hometasking challenge here and make sure to send us in pictures of your attempts. 


Everyone in Year 4 has a subscription to YUMU, which you can login into here. If you do not have your child's login details, please email your class teacher.

Extra Activities!

TT Rockstars - can you challenge the Year 4 teachers to a Rock Slam?

Hit The Button (requires Flash)

Maths Fishing