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Home Learning 2021-2022

We would like to encourage you to do some fun learning at home. On this page you will find lots of different activities you can do at home.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures and keep anything you do as we will look forward to seeing them all!

We would like you to email your pictures of what you've been doing at home to us on or if you have any questions for us.

If you are self-isolating, please complete this learning, on top of your daily AR reading and TT Rockstars practice:


Week beginning Monday 4th October



We are looking at the book 'Into the forest' by Anthony Browne. If you cannot access the book, here is a recording of it:

Can you write your own version of the story? Think about what characters there are in 'Into the forest' and what adventures they have. 

Into the Forest (Anthony Browne) BOOK READ ALOUD - YouTube

My new favourite book...Into the Forest... | Fairy tales, Fairy tales free,  Fairytale art

Buy Anthony Browne book - Into the Forest

Bookbird 05.1 Cover.2

What characters can you have in your story?

What adventures can they have?

Start by making a story-map of your ideas, then write it as a full story. When you come back to school, make sure you share your story with Mr Darling. 



Try these reasoning tasks, then work on TT Rockstars to improve your times tables.


We would like you to research some facts about plants found in the Caribbean, to go with our work on Gregory Cool. Here are some questions and pictures to help you.

How does the flaming sword plant collect water.

How does the Heart leaf Anthuriam attract insects?


Write a fact about the Papaya Plant


Topic- Geography

We are learning about compass points. If you have an atlas or are able to use the Internet with an adult's help, please try and answer the following questions:


Find a country to the South of United Kingdom_______________

Find a country to the North of Turkey___________________

Find a country to the NW of Chad____________________

Find a country to the SE of France ____________________

Find a country to the SW of Japan __________________

Find a country to the NW of Canada __________________

Find a country to the SE of Spain __________________

Find a country to the SW of India __________________

Find a country to the NE of Australia __________________


Week beginning 27th September.

SPAG task

Please punctuate these sentences correctly:

1.Do you really live here

2. It was hot

3. Yuk! What is this

4.Gregory sat down and looked at his breakfast plate

5. I can’t wait to go for a sea bath

6. The trunk was far too tall and smooth for him to climb

7. Gregory you sure cool


Writing task


Look at the picture below- can you remember what Gregory is doing? Where is he and what has he been up to? How do you think he is feeling? Use your ideas to write a diary entry.



Stefan bought a drink for 53p and a crisp for 46p. How much money did

he spend in total? 


Yasmine bought a banana for 33p she paid with 50p. How much change did she get?


Ayyan has 51 red marbles and lost 35. How many marbles does he have altogether?


Adam has 72 cookies but ate 24. How many cookies does she have altogether?


Olivia read 67 pages on Monday and 35 pages on Tuesday. How many pages

did she read altogether?




Life cycles of flowering plants- put these stages in the correct order to show the life cycle of a flowering plant. 

This term our topic is This is Me!


The children will be learning about focussing on the book Gregory Cool. They will be comparing life in London to life in Tobago, where Gregory goes to spend the summer with his Grandma, Grandpa and cousin.

At the bottom of this page you will find some extra home learning projects you can choose from whilst at home.