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Home Learning Archive 23.3-17.4


Hello Year Two! I hope you have all had a great week! 


Today's TTRockstars competition will end at midday. At the moment Crow and Chaffinch are winning but everybody please login and practise to win points for your class. 

Next week's competition will be running over the weekend. 

Chaffinch vs Chiff Chaff 

Crow vs Cuckoo

Try to use your TTRockstars password to access Numbots to practise your number bonds as well. 

Meridian Community Primary School & Nursery - Numbots

Can you use your measuring tape to measure five objects? Then order them from longest/ tallest to shortest. 


I've been writing quite a lot this week and, when I read over my work this morning, I spotted quite a few spelling and punctuation mistakes. It reminded me of how importanting reading through and editing our writing is. 

Can you spot the spelling mistakes in these sentences? Rewrite them correctly using your neat joined handwriting. 

1. As I warked down the road, I sor a green car. 
2. The smarl cat wos sitting on the wall. 
3. It lucked at the mouse below end licked its lips. 

Can you spot the punctuation mistakes in these sentences? Rewrite them correctly using your neat joined handwriting. 

1. i love going to the huge beautiful green park sometimes when it's sunny i could stay there all day
2. tom looked down at the dragon it had tiny green shiny scales and was blowing hot red fire out through his nose tom didn't know what to do next

If you really fancy a tricky challenge, I attached some writing about the General Election at the bottom of this page (17.4.2020 Editing Task). There are lots of spelling mistakes and missing capital letters, full stops and question marks. Can you spot them all? 


It's been so great to see so many of you logging in and completing some AR quizzes.

Can you now write a review for an AR book or a film you have watched recently? 

When we went to the cinema to watch Aladdin we wrote a film review afterwards. We included: 

  • the name of the film
  • a summary of the main events
  • your favourite character 
  • your favourite (or least favourite) part
  • would you recommend it to your friend

Challenge - Try to give reasons for your opinions using conjunctions - because, as, so - and include as many expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective, adjective noun) and adverbs (ly words) as you can.

Please continue to send us some of the great work you have been doing at home .  

Miss Conroy 



Number hunt - How many different places can you find numbers in your house? Make a list!


Below are some pictures of my favourite place, a beach called Trebarwith Strand in Cornwall. Use the pictures to help you write a setting description ( half a page would be great as there lots to describe).  Don't forget to describe using all of your senses (See, Hear, Small, Taste, Touch). Remember to wow me with your adjectives and description. 

Challenge: Do not start any of your sentences with 'I can', think of other interesting ways to start your sentences. E.g. Crash, the echoing noise of the white waves crashing against the jagged cliff side filled my ears as I looked out over the beautiful, blue ocean. 

Other-  Science/Art

The sun is shining today! During our first term in Year 2 we learned about different materials and their properties. 2 of the words we learned were Transparent ( Light travels through and you can see through it like glass) and Opaque (Light cannot travel through and we cannot see through it like a wall) . Today I would like you to experiment with some objects in your house and use the sun to help see if they are transparent or Opaque. Hint: Opaque objects form shadows. 

Once you have found some opaque objects you can get arty and create your own shadow pictures like in the example below. 

Hope you all have a great day, I can't wait to read some of your setting descriptions! 

Miss Stevens


English - Acrostic poem

Today we're asking you to look at poetry and  write your own acrostic poem . This is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase. (Usually the first letters of each line are used to spell the message.) I thought it would nice to do some springtime themed ones but you could choose to write about whatever you like. 


Today I want you to revisit measurement. Play this game to warm up and then measure some things in real life. To measure length or height you will need a ruler or tape measure to measure the centimetres (cm). Can you measure the length of your foot? Who has the widest feet in your house? Can you find something that is only 1cm long?  

Extra Challenge:  Use a measuring jug to measure liquids in millimetres. Find out how much liquid fits into your favourite cup then take a drink out of it. Measure the liquid again. Can you calculate the amount you drank?

Other - Craft

Receiving something in the post can be an excellent way to cheer up someone's day. If you have an elderly relative or neighbour, today you could make a card (or other craft) to say hello to them with.  Lots of people are fed up with being at home so it's kind to let others know that you are thinking of them. As well as making it look good, think about including a thoughtful message (using your best handwriting to wow them with too of course!).  You might also know someone who is still going out to work so you could make one for them too.  Ask an adult for help to deliver it safely. 

Positive Mesaages


This week Miss Zanon wants to practise our colours in French!

Here is a little video for you to watch and a song to help you memorise them. 

This is an excellent website that will will test your knowledge while playing games! It's a bit tricky to navigate so remember to press the start button! 


Hi Year Two, it’s Mrs Hussain. I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Easter. I bet you ate too many Easter eggs; I know I did. I really enjoyed the weather last week and have been growing plants from seeds for my garden. Here is a picture. 

I think they are ready for the garden now. I should hopefully have lots of vegetables that I can cook with soon. I have also been growing this plant.

Can you guess what plant this is? I will give you a clue - It likes lots of sun and warm weather.

We would love to know what you have been up to. You can tell us by email to:


The results are in for last week's TTRockstars competition. 

Well done to Cuckoo and Chaffinch class.

This weeks TTRockstars competition has begun:  

Chaffinch VS Cuckoo 
Chiff Chaff VS Crow

Reading Website 

As well as using BugClub and reading books and doing AR tests on them, you can also use this great website to find and read books. Luckily all the texts on this website have AR tests so have fun! There are books for all age groups and year groups (including secondary school) so please make sure that you ask an adult to help you select Year 2 and to choose books which are your AR level.


How many conjunctions can you list in a minute? Write a sentence for five.


This week let's practise how to join ing. What words can you think of that use ing.


Can you write  some ing words in a sentence.

Maths – Bar Charts

Click on the attachment below labelled Interpreting Bar Charts. Look at the Bar chart and answer the questions below it.


Be Charles Darwin for the day. Draw (create)  a new creature you have ‘discovered’. What will you call it? Where does it live and shelter? What does it eat? What preys on it?

Have fun learning! Mrs Hussain



Good Morning and Happy Thursday, Miss Stevens here reporting for duty! I want to say a big well done to all of those children who have sent us some pictures of their work! Keep it up.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and Monday is Easter Monday so you won't be hearing from us until Tuesday.  Use this long weekend to have some fun and relax. I am going to try making a mini egg cheesecake, spend some time in my garden and try to beat my brother at Monopoly! Don't forget you can find all previous activities set in the Home Learning Activities Archive if you do want to continue and catch up of some activities.  


Help your parents make dinner tonight. Write a recipe for your dinner. Don't forget to include a list of equipment, ingredients and the steps to make it. Can you use Imperative (bossy verbs) ? I'm going to write one for my Cheesecake! 


What does the number 25 mean to you? How many number sentences and related facts can you write down about this number? Use all 4 operations. For a challenge what about fractions of numbers. Heres one 1/4 of 100 = 25.


Play a board game or any game with someone in your family. If you don't have one you could try making your own. Use this website for some help and ideas.


Bonjour year 2, how are you feeling today? First off, I want you to think about something that you are looking forward to today.  It's a little exercise that is meant to be good for boosting your mood  and help you feel good. For me it is usually looking forward to what I'm eating for dinner, but it could be watching you favourite t.v programme later, talking to a relative on the phone or playing a game with someone. Either way - it's good to start the day thinking about something happy!


Practise spelling words from the common exception word list in your reading record (they are also on the Year 2 page or you can search the Internet for your own list). Which ones can you add the ‘ing’ suffix to? Remember that for lots of words that end in a consonant, you double it before adding -ing:run=running. However when words end with a 'y', you just have to add ing: cry=crying. 


Make your own tens and ones using straws, tooth picks, pencils etc. Use them to help you subtract 2 digit numbers. Remember that you always start with the bigger number and then the ones/units column. What do you do when the number on the bottom is bigger than the top number? You have to 'borrow from next door' or exchange.  use the straws, tooth picks etc to help you understand. Good luck!

Other - Computing

If you have a tablet/camera or phone that you are able to use you can record the VLOG that you planned yesterday. The VLOG is like a diary entry explaining how you think or feel about what is happening or a particular subject. You will have to think about holding the camera steady, getting the lighting right and making sure you speak clearly. This is an activity to practise your skills. We don't want you to start posting any videos online or sharing them through social media. Even if you don't have a camera - you can rehearse and present your VLOG to anyone at home who can listen. You could review what it's like staying at home on a sunny day, and try to make it funny and entertaining. 

Website of the day 

You may know all there is to know about Florence Nightingale but the museum dedicated to her life has a fun interactive video you can view on her website here


Review the months of the year and the days of the week. Test you knowledge with Miss. Zanon's quiz here:


Good morning, Year two. I  hope you are enjoying the lovely weather.

MG Art Club challenge

This week's new MG Art Club Challenge - Let The Sunshine In can be found here:

Please send your photos of your art by Friday 10th April to:

Literacy -Planning a VLOG

Today, you are planning a VLOG that you will record tomorrow. So, What is a VLOG? A VLOG (video diary) is the same as a blog but rather than using text you use video. As technology has got better they have become more popular as more people can make them. Websites, such as You tube, mean it is free for people to upload their VLOG's to a massive audience.

Staying safe and staying smart

As we looked at before, staying safe is still very important. Anything you put on a VLOG can be accessed by millions of people around the world. Always think about what it is you are putting on to keep yourself safe. What mistakes could you make if you uploaded a blog?

Plan what you are going to include in your VLOG. Plan what you will say, how you will say it and what actions you will do. If you need a little support, there is a worksheet in the links below.

Link for tips:


Make your own tens and ones using straws, tooth picks, pencils etc. Use them to help you add 2 digit numbers and to understand what happens when your ones add to 10 or more. 


Use the Britannica website to carry out research about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. 


Username: missiongrove

Password: britannica

What are the four countries that make up the United Kingdom?

What are the names of the capital cities?

Which main rivers flow through the four countries? 

What other information can you find?

Enjoy your learning and don't forget to send us pictures. 

Mrs Hussain


It's a new week with considerable better weather thankfully. I hope you've all had a good weekend. 


The results are in for last week's TTRockstars competition. 

Keep up the good work Chaffinch and Crow. 

This weeks TTRockstars competition has begun:  

Chaffinch VS Crow 
Chiff Chaff VS Cuckoo 

Reading Website 

As well as using BugClub and reading books and doing AR tests on them, you can also use this great website to find and read books. Luckily all the texts on this website have AR tests so have fun! There are books for all age groups and year groups (including secondary school) so please make sure that you ask an adult to help you select Year 2 and to choose books which are your AR level.


What is your favourite game? 

Use expanded noun phrases (and commas) to describe your favourite game and to convince me to play it. 

Remember Expanded Noun Phrases are - adjective, adjective, adjective noun

To really challenge yourself you could add some extra information after your expanded noun phrases using the words - with, that or which. 


This week let's practise how to join ee and ea. What words can you think of that use ee and ea?


This morning I'm setting you a maths game.
You need two dice, two sets of cards with the numbers 1-12 on them and someone to play against. 

1. Make sure each players' cards have the numbers showing on them. 

2. Player 1 rolls the two dice and turn over the cards which match the numbers rolled. Roll a 4 and a 5 and turn over the 4 and 5 cards.
They keep rolling and turning over cards until they roll a double or they can't turn over any more cards. 

2. Player 2 has their turn, rolls the dice and turns over cards. 

3. Player 1 and 2 add the numbers on their cards which are showing. 
The winner is the player with the lowest score. 

Challenge: You can play multiple rounds of this game and practise your column addition to add the scores of the different rounds together. 

Other - Virtual School Trip

Pick a place or an animal to explore and discover about. Tell a family member three things you have learnt.

Keep sending pictures of your work to .Have a great day. Miss Conroy​​​​​​








Good morning. I hope you are all well. This is Mrs Hussain and I have some activities that you can do today. I would like to thank all the children that are sending in their work by email. ( I have really enjoyed looking at it.


Write a diary entry of what you got up to today and over the weekend. What did you do? How did you feel? Remember diary entries should be written in past tense. If you need a little help, click on the worksheet, in the links below.


Today Miss Conroy will be on TTRockstars from 10-12. Who can challenge and beat her? She will try to accept as many challenges as she can. Good luck! 

This weekend earn points for your class in the battle

Cuckoo vs Crow 

Chaffinch vs Chiff Chaff

Other - Espresso Coding

Have a go at writing your own code. Go to the website:

User name : student20709

Password : Mission2020

Look for Year 2, and complete unit 2b.How did you get on?

Create a surprise Easter Egg

Click on the link at the bottom of this page. Follow the instructions to create your own surprise Easter Egg.


Hi everyone, Miss Stevens here, I hope you are all having a good week.


Can you create a silly story... Attached below is a template to help you create your own silly story about Claude on the slopes. All you have to do is fill fill in the blanks on the first page with any words that fit the criteria and then read the story on the second page inserting the words you chose! Easy peasy.


Borrow some coins from the adults in your house. How many different ways can you make 20p, 45p or £1. 


Have some fun and exercise too! Take part in a Go Noodle. Here are 2 of my favourite ones!

Craft - It would have been the Easter Bonnet parade tomorrow at school. Can you design a hat using things that you have at home? Send us a picture and we can make our own Easter Bonnet parade here on the website! They may even be an Easter Egg up for grabs when we come back to our favourite one!


Happy April Fools day everyone! If you're not sure what I mean see if you can find out what is a traditional activity to do today. Those of you who like pranks might be interested.......... Enjoy your tasks today, Ms. Watkin. 


Write a list of how many different words for said you can think of.  Ask people at home for some ideas to add to your list. Whispered, screeched and questioned are some interesting ones. How would the words be spoken in that way? Write them into some sentences and practise reading them out loud. 


Can you sing the three times tables song? Practise writing out the three times table, including the related division fact.


Play what animal am I? One person thinks of an animal in their head. Another person asks questions to try and guess what animal it is. How many legs has it got? Does it live in the Jungle? Is it a reptile?  

Sun Trap Centre in Epping Forest have put together a few activities for you to try out at home, all linked to the great outdoors. Visit the website to see what it is all about. 


Hi everyone. It's Mrs Hussain here. Here are some activities for today.


Visit this website : . Have a look at the images. Which image is your favourite? Write a story based on one of the pictures. Make it as imaginative as possible, you could invent some new words and use silly names. Nothing has to be real. Once you have written your story, read it and edit your work.

Did you use

  • interesting openers
  • noun phrases  ( adjective comma adjective noun) 
  • suitable punctuation


Today, I want you to create a time diary. Use an analogue clock to record what time you got up, what time you ate your breakfast, lunch and dinner and what time you went to bed. What other things did you do that you could record? Click on the attachment below - My Time diary, if you need a bit of extra help.

MG Art Challenge - Week 2- FaceTime

Details about the new MG Art Club Challenge - FaceTime - can be found here:… Please send your art work to:

All art work to be in by Friday 3rd April.

Other -  Making Toothpaste

Follow the instructions to make your own toothpaste.

What you need:

  • 4 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp flavouring (vanilla, almond or peppermint Extract)

Mix together. Wet your toothbrush and dip into the paste and try it out!

Keep paste in an airtight container. How is this toothpaste different to your usual one?   

Enjoy your learning today. Chiff Chaff class, don't forget to log into TT Rockstars. Let's try and win the battle this week. 

Mrs Hussain


I hope you all had a great weekend even if it was quite cold. I went for a walk yesterday and it began SNOWING! 



  • What does the word wonder mean? Maybe you could use a dictionary to help you. 
  • Can you think of synonyms (words that mean the same) for wonder? Maybe you could use a thesaurus to help you.
  • Can you think of antonyms (words that mean the opposite) for wonder?
  • Can you use these words in a sentence? 
  • How many words can you make from the letters of the word wonder?
  • Now can you try this with the word acrobat


This week let's practise how to join ai and ay. What words can you think of that use ai and ay?


This morning I'm setting you a maths challenge. You might need to draw this out or use some objects to help you.  

Other - Virtual School Trip 

We might not have been able to go on our Florence Nightingale School Trip but we can still visit the aquarium.

  • Can you discover the name of your favourite creature? 
  • Can you research and draw your favourite creature? 
    My favourite is the coral reef cam. 

Have a great day. Miss Conroy


The results are in for our TTRockstars competition. 

House Points to Sitharth, Ibraheem, Mushtaq, Ilenia, Saim, Amelia, Tahmida, Rayan and James who all won more than 1,000 points for their class. 

This weeks TTRockstars competition has begun:  

Cuckoo VS Crow 
Chiff Chaff VS Chaffinch 

I hope you have a great weekend, Miss Conroy 

We have received so many wonderful emails showing us your incredible work at home. Keep up the hard work everyone and make sure to send us a picture at . 


  • Today is the final opportunity to win points for your class in this week's competition. At the moment the Chaffinch and Crow are winning their battle. Some of you have won so many points that I can't wait to see you again and see your time table progress. 
    I will be online between 1 and 3, if you want to challenge me to a TTRockstars battle during that time. 


  • Can you write an amazing adjective alphabet? Try to challenge yourself by using describing words that are out of this world. 
    A - ancient 
    B - brittle 
    C - colossal 

Fun Challenge

  • Go on a treasure hunt around your house. Can you find these things? 
         a tape measure
         a piece of red clothing (not your Mission Grove jumper)
         a DVD
         a food storage container
         a body lotion or cream
         something that can move on its own
         something triangular shaped
    Can you create a treasure hunt for someone else at home? You could write clues to tell them where to find things. 

Have a great day and have fun, Miss Conroy

26.03.20 Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their week so far, Miss Stevens here with your daily activity update!

A big well done to everyone who has completed an AR quiz this week!! Parents you can use this website to search for different books you may have at home and see if they have a quiz. 


  • Today we would like you to play a card game and practise your mental addition skills. The game is called  21. The aim of the game is to get 21 or as close to as possible.

Jacks, kings and queens are worth 10. Ace can be either 1 or 11. Everyone has two cards. The dealer goes to each player one at a time. The player needs to decide if they want another card (hit) or will sit on what they have(stick). You can have as many cards as you like as long as you don’t go over 21.The dealer does this with every player.The dealer then turns over their other card and needs to decide what to do. The person closest to 21 wins.


  • Today you can write the end of your story. How do Claude and Sir BobblySock solve the problem. Don't forget to use super sentence starters to spice up your writing and check your punctuation (Full stops and capital letters).


  • Learn how to draw Claude using the activity sheet attached below. You could use this to help you create a front cover for your story Claude in the Jungle!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to keep sending us updates of your wonderful work and what you have been up to! 

25.03.20 Hi everyone,
Just to update you, the  username and password for 5-a-day has changed. It is now: 
USERNAME: mge177
Keep up the fitness, Miss Conroy

25.03.20  Good morning Year 2, greetings from Ms. Watkin! I have been impressed by the work that you have sent us so far, please keep them coming. 


  • Visit the Top Marks website today and choose a maths game to play. The first category is counting - Place Value Basketball is one of my favourites! You could also try Placing Numbers on a Numberline - you can choose your own challenge by setting it to the numbers you want.


  • Today you can continue with your story about Claude's next big adventure. In the middle of your story the characters should encounter a problem or dilemma that they have to overcome. Remember to make it dramatic and exciting - it can be as imaginative as you like! 
  • When you are logging onto the AR website, use this address with the code on the end:


  • Try making  your own Ten-pin bowling game. Use the activity sheet attached below to help. Have fun with this one, and see what you can do with the things that you have in the house. 

24.03.20  - Good morning! It's Mrs Hussain here.I hope you are all well.


  • Ask an adult to give you some coins.(You will be returning them later) Add them up. What is the total of the coins that you collected? How many ways can you make 50p using different coins?


  • In class, you have been planning your own stories with the title : Claude in the Jungle. Today, I would like you to write the beginning of your story. Describe the setting and introduce the characters. Don't forget to use interesting sentence openers and conjunctions.
  • Continue reading using Bug Club and the AR website. Have you completed a quiz today?


  • Choose a five a day exercise to do. Why don't you ask your family to join in?     Username : miss1256        password : teggch

  • Ahoy there, sailor it's time to set sail with a super fun science experiment. How to make a soap powered boat! Check out the attachment below to find the equipment and instructions!! 

 I am looking forward to any pictures that you send.Have a great day! Mrs Hussain

 23/03/20 - Good morning! It's Miss Conroy here.


  • A new TimesTable Rockstars competition began at 6am this morning. You have until midday on Friday to win as many points for your class as possible. 
  • Chaffinch vs Cuckoo
    Chiff Chaff vs Crow
  • You can also practise your number bonds and multiplication tables by playing a game of Hit The Button. If you want a challenge try the division facts game.


  • Adverbs are words that give us more information about the verb (doing word). Adverbs often end in the suffix -ly. 
    How many adverbs can you think of in two minutes? 
    Can you use adverbs when describing Claude exploring a new country with Sir Bobblysock? 
  • You can continue reading and completing AR quizzes during normal school days.


  • At 9am each morning Joe Wicks will host a 30 minute live PE lesson. You can join in at home. 
  • Remember to keep looking at our project page below and trying some of the tasks. 

I'm looking forward to you sending us pictures of the work you are proud of. Hope you all have a great day! Miss Conroy 

18/03/20 - Hello! It's Miss Stevens here, Your challenge for this week is to pick something to do from our project page. See the uploaded attachment below! Have a good week everyone and speak to you soon!