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Welcome to the Kestrel year 5 page!

Remember in addition to your home learning work, keep completing AR quizzes, playing TT Rockstars and completing projects on Myon.

Keep an eye on this page for Kestrel's amazing work and our reading stars!

This week's reading star is AQSA! Well done :)

Take a read of Rahmah's story about a strange new planet in our solar system, called Solo and her pastel drawing of the planet.

I was Landing on to this strange planet stepping on the moon is exciting, but planet solo was a little more.

It was 7:00 am as I put on my space suit and hurried to get out there, I could see the exquisite precious stars that were shining brightly at me. I felt nervous stepping out on this strange planet. The mountains were tall like sharp daggers sending me back. And the lake which was boiling hot bubbled like a warning. It was interestingly warm on this planet. It was unusual As I looked at the beautiful stars that were gleaming in the dark sky like diamonds shining brightly.

I walked a little closer to the sharp mountains as I walked a little further, I heard a strange sound I couldn’t tell what it was. I got a glimpse of it and started following the sound quietly and nervously it was scary following the sound at the dead of night and walking threw the darkness of mist.

 The stars blinking as I followed the sound it got louder I was frightened I wanted to run back but something didn’t let me my heart was beating loudly and my mind was telling me to be brave the feeling of darkness washed me away I took a little peek to see what it was. It was a strange creature that had three antennas two eyes and a small smile. It came to me I tripped over a rock and hurt my leg the creature came towards me I saw it fully an alien I thought the alien helped me up I was surprised thank you I said. The alien said hi my name is pluton this is my planet. I said oh sorry if I disturbed you the alien said it was ok and we talked and he told me about all his adventures and all about this planet it was very cool indeed.

Here's is Ammarah's story about her planet:

Take a look at Manahal's version of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, she used her computer to recreate the famous painting.

Rahmah is home reading star of the week! She has completed a lot AR quizzes at home! Well done Rahmah! Who will it be next week?

Millionaire Stars:

Laksha completed this project on Space at home, it is full of facts and some amazing galaxy paintings!