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Blackfell Primary School - Star of the Week


Stars of the week this week:

Last week our Stars of the Week were Zain and Sami! Well done to them!



Congratulations to Casper who achieved the highest word count in Kittiwake last week with a great 59,484 words!!!

Overall in Kittiwake we have now read almost 10,000,000 words!!!

So far this year we have been collecting our stars for our reading words:

Yellow Stars - 50,000 words

Subhan- 10k

Aayan- 123k

Hamza- 159k

Thanuska- 166k

Qasim- 191k

Zain- 256k

Orange Stars - 250,000 words

Habibi- 288k

Casper- 288k

Jhael- 344k

Pink Stars - 500,000 words

Aahithya- 520k

Ibrahim- 521k

Wajeeha- 560k

Zoya- 564k

Uzair- 574k

Ali- 602k

Green Stars - 750,000 words

Lakhbir- 753k

Awais- 792k

Yousuf- 828k


Faizan- 1 Million

Sami- 1.1 Million


Last week we started to do our experiment to check how different exercises affect our heart rate. We worked with some year 4s in Chaffinch and taught them how to measure their heart rate and then did the exercises with them.

We also had our assembly on Friday showcasing our knowledge on Shakespeare. We then got to witness the poetry slam where Ibrahim represented us with an amazing poem. Sadly he didn't win, but he did Kittiwake proud.