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Learning during Covid19 isolation

If your child is currently having to isolate, we expect them to continue with the following learning (unless they have symptoms which are preventing them):

Friday, 13th November


Please practise the spellings of high frequency words that are in your reading records. Mr Darling will test you when you return next week. Try writing them out 2 or 3 times, then get an adult at home to test you. 



What is the value of each note?


What is the value of each of the coins we use? Make a list and draw all of them. 

Extra, extra!



How many times can you spot these birds outside your home? Keep a tally chart:

Blackbird                                    Magpie                         Robin



Blue tit

Thursday, 12th November


Finish your story about the witch, then use the spellings in your reading record to check any words you might have mis-spelt. 



Practise your addition and subtraction facts using Numbots- do this for 45 minutes.



Complete some art work about The Gruffalo! This can be a painting, drawing or even a 3D model.

Picture 3 of 6Axel Scheffler's official website | The Gruffalo

Wednesday, 11th November, 2020


Please continue writing your story about the witch. Here some images you might find useful:

Room on the Broom Day Event Pack Room on the Broom | waterbirthplease | Room on the broom, Witch room,  Shadow puppetsLondon On The Inside on Twitter: "Tumble down the rabbit hole into a world  of nonsense, riddles, and contradiction with HiddenCity's new Alice in  Wonderland-themed adventure, The Hunt for The Cheshire Cat

What Kind of Witch Snaps a Broomstick? | Three Hundred and Sixty-Six


Remember to check your Reading Records for the spellings of 100 High Frequency words. 



Watch this online lesson and then complete the activities and quizzes.

Coins and notes

Then please spend some time practising your times tables, using Numbots. 



Today is Remembrance Day. What facts can you find about Remembrance Day? Do some research- watch the news, ask a family member or use the internet. Write your facts down as full sentences.


Tuesday, 10th November, 2020


Now that you have planned your story about a witch and drawn a story map, we would like you to start writing your story. Please write in full sentences, using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.



Please watch these videos and complete the quizzes and activities:

Money part 1

Money part 2

Can you ask your parents to give you some coins (remember to return them!)? How much money is there altogether?



Continue with your project work.

Monday, 9th November, 2020


This week we would like you to write a similar story to Room on the Broom, about a witch who gets into trouble. Perhaps she has to make a magic spell, using a broken cauldron? Perhaps she wants a new cat for her broomstick but can only find dogs?!

Here are some pictures to help with your ideas:

Room On The Broom Witch Soft Toy at John Lewis & Partners Tools Cauldron - Openclipart  Angry Witch on Scary Run – Apps on Google Play

Cartoon Dog Names - The Top Names For TV Fans Of Any Age Picture of Famous Cartoon Dog Scrappy Doo | Famous cartoons, Cartoon dog,  Scrappy doo  Running Dog Cartoon stock vector. Illustration of motion - 17106967 

Draw a story map as a plan for your new story about the witch, with ideas for words and sentences you could use. Talk your story through with an adult.



Watch this video about doubling and halving:

3 numbers

Now complete this task:

3 + 6  + 7  =


5 + 3  + 5  =


4 + 9 + 6  =


3 + 3  + 7  =


4 + 8  + 6   =


2 + 6  + 8  =


6 + 6  + 4  =


9 + 6  + 1  =


3 + 0  + 7  =


Topic work

Please start your project work on Amazing Adventures, using the Julia Donaldson books. Mrs Brash has left some ideas for you on the Year 1 page!





Literacy writing task

Axel Scheffler's official website | Room on the Broom

Day 1: Look at the scene above from 'Room on the broom.' Can you write about what you can see, describing the mountains, trees and sky? Use interesting words to describe what you can see as well as anything you can imagine hearing and feeling. 


Day 2: Describe what you think is going to happen in this story. Where do you think the witch is flying to? What do you think might be in her cauldron? Will there be room left on her broom for other people or animals? Who might they be?


Day 3: read the full story of Room on the Broom, or listen to the following clip if you don't have the book:

Room on the Broom story

We would like you to rewrite the story in your own words. You can change details such as characters or the ending. 


Numeracy task

This week we are looking at partitioning. 

Please practise your number skills with numbers to 20, using the following videos and lessons:

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3



In addition, we have the following reading and numeracy websites which will help you continue with your learning whilst you are off school. If you have forgotten your login details, please email the Year 1 team or call Mr Darling using the school phone number.


Reading - Bug club and myON

Image result for bugclub




We would like you to engage in reading daily with your child. The children should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day. This can be from their reading book sent home from class, a book that they have at home, using Bug Club or myON.

Your child's class teacher will provide you with log in details for your child. Please access your account via the link here:



Timestables - TTRockstars and Numbots

Please encourage your children to practise their timetables daily. This doesn't have to be a laboured activity but simply when walking to school  asking them a few questions related to the timestable they are learning. All of the children also have access to TTrockstars, this is an online app which allows the children to practice their timetables and related division facts. They can earn coins from correct answers to update and personalise their characters as well as battle with other children in their class and in Mission Grove.  

Numbots helps them to practise their basic but essential number facts and skills such as number bonds. 

Your child's class teacher will provide you with log in details for your child. Please access your account via the links here: