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Learning during Covid19 isolation

If your child is currently having to isolate, we expect them to continue with the following learning (unless they have symptoms which are preventing them):

Literacy writing task

Write a poem about a teasure chest and the things you might find in it. Don't force your poem to rhyme!

Here is an example as a model to help you:

In my treasure chest there is a silver feather

That helps me fly like a bird in Summer.

In my treasure chest there is a golden saucepan

That gives me absolutely any food I want.

In my treasure chest there is...

Please take a picture of your finished letter and email it to the Year 2 team.


Numeracy task

Practise your mental addition and subtraction skills using these lessons on the following website:

Mental and written strategies


Topic projects

To finish our learning on Land Ahoy!, you can create a project of your choice. It can be anything which you are interested in, as long as it shows what you have learnt. Here are some ideas:

-A model of Wilbur's ship, made from paint and recyclable materials.

-A map of the United Kingdom, with famous landmarks made into 3D models.

-Your own story about Wilbur's next adventure.

-A treasure map, with co-ordinates to find the chest.


In addition, we have the following reading and numeracy websites which will help you continue with your learning whilst you are off school. If you have forgotten your login details, please email the Year 1 team or call Mr Darling using the school phone number.


Reading - Bug club and myON

Image result for bugclub




We would like you to engage in reading daily with your child. The children should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day. This can be from their reading book sent home from class, a book that they have at home, using Bug Club or myON.

Your child's class teacher will provide you with log in details for your child. Please access your account via the link here:



Timestables - TTRockstars and Numbots

Please encourage your children to practise their timetables daily. This doesn't have to be a laboured activity but simply when walking to school  asking them a few questions related to the timestable they are learning. All of the children also have access to TTrockstars, this is an online app which allows the children to practice their timetables and related division facts. They can earn coins from correct answers to update and personalise their characters as well as battle with other children in their class and in Mission Grove.  

Numbots helps them to practise their basic but essential number facts and skills such as number bonds. 

Your child's class teacher will provide you with log in details for your child. Please access your account via the links here: