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Literacy Council

4th meeting - south site only

The team worked extremely hard resorting the books on the library bus. We add some new editions that we hope you enjoy! There will be more books to follow soon.

3rd meeting 

The literacy council sorted all the information for the readathon over Easter - get reading everyone!

The book swap was a great success - we shall definitely be doing that one again!

Meeting 2 -24th February 2022

Literacy council 

Thursday 3rd world book day - we gave out the word book token vouchers to give to children in classes, they can be used from now until the 27th March.

Waterstones and sainsburys take the vouchers. 

Connie came up with the idea to do a book swap on world book day. So children can bring unwanted books that they have read and no longer want. If they bring in a book then they can look to choose a book from the swap pile. Please check with an adult before you bring in any books.

Friday 4th March we want the children to come dressed as their favourite or a book character - this is free. 

Also, we will do the poetry slam hopefully at 9am on South and on the North 10.15 and  1.15 

Results from survey on north 

Do you like to read  - 333 (81%) yes, 77 (19%)no

Do you like to visit the library bus  -  yes 250 (74%), no 89 (26%)

Have you been to the library in Walthamstow  - yes 249 (67%) no 123 (33%)

Meeting 1 - 3rd February

The children introduced themselves and which class they represent. 

The agenda for the meeting was :

1 -world book day

2- survey

3- re-organising the poetry slam

4- logo for the council.