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Dear parents, carers and children,

This week in Magpie Class;

Star of the week: Rafael - for making great effort and progress in his writing.

TT Rockstars Most Valuable Player - Imaan

Readers of the week - Zahra K, Maliha, Tayyab, Isa, Haris, Eshal, Imaan, Iqra, Rafael

Literacy: This week in Literacy, Magpie class have been writing and editing their discursive arguments on whether Varjak Paw go over the wall. 

Maths: In maths, in the new streamed groups, children in year 5 have been practising division using the bus stop method and solving the problems using their knowledge of the times tables. 

Science: In science, Magpie class have continued to look at forces - this time air resistance. We have been investigating the enquiry question; 'what parachute design will create the most air resistance?' From our experiments, one of our budding scientists, Adam, concluded; "The bigger the surface area, the more air resistance the parachute has, the slower the parachute drops".  Ayesha, another enthusiastic scientist added "The best parachute design has a larger surface area." Upcoming scientist Isa further added "The smaller the surface, the less air resistance, the faster the parachute will fall -which is not good for a safe landing!" Clarabelle, an inspired scientist, commented; "The most fun part of the experiment was letting go of the parachute and watching it drop!"

Topic: Our topic is Mesopotamia - The Ancient Sumer. This week, Magpie class have been researching how the Sumerians travelled, traded and what they invented as well as looking at the important events during their civilisation.

Please may we remind Magpie class to read for at least 30 minutes every day. In your reading diary, write down the name of the book and author, the page you started, the page you finished on and a comment about the book. Parents and carers, please sign once your child has put this information in.

Ms Lathem and Miss Uzma