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Welcome to our class page!

This week our class awards go to.....


For your positive attitude towards your learning!

Our Star Readers......

Haris for reading over 190,000 words this week!

Tayyab for reading 3 books this week. 

Our TT rockstar......

Imaan, Eshal and Elif!

Upcoming Events:

Highlights of the week..... 

This week we have been researching Jorvik (York) for a non-chronological report. Each Year 5 class researched a specific aspect of Viking Age Jorvik. Magpie and Mallard class stuck their research posters up in the hall and we took it in turns to note down all the quality facts. 


Recycle to Read

We've started a recycling and reuse scheme collecting unwanted working tech and broken hard plastic toys to get books for our school.

The scheme is designed to divert tech and toy waste from landfill; reduce carbon emissions; encourage children to care for the environment; and help improve children's literacy.

In the New Year we will have collection boxes on both sites, so please bring in anything you would otherwise be throwing out - please see the flyer below for details. 

Children's University

We are working with the children's university to get children engaged in doing various activities in and out of school. New Year’s Workbook (below) are for children to complete from now onwards. The workbook is attached with 7 activities. Stamps are to be awarded based on the number of activities completed. 

You need to show physical evidence of your work or photographs your parents have taken before I can give you your stamp codes.

If you are interested in doing the activities, ask me to print off a copy for you so that you can get ready and started. Have a look at the workbook here.






Remember to log on to TT rockstars on the weekend and take part in the year 5 battle.
Don't forget to read for 20 mins everyday and learn your spellings for a test every Friday!


Well done Magpie class for a super week of hard learning! 

I am proud of you all!


Magpie Class Representatives


Tayyab - School Council rep

Rafael - Eco-Council Rep

Clarabelle - Literacy Council rep    

Fiza -Science Ambassador 


Our Topics this term

We will be travelling back in time, finding out more about the Vikings, were they actually vicious? How long their civilisation lasted, What they believed in and many more things!

Our Literacy class book will be based on The Viking Boy... It tells the story of Gunnar, who is the son of a Viking chieftain, raided by Skuli and his Wolf Men. Steeped in Viking history and legend, this exciting story follows Gunnar as he encounters the Valkyries, journeys across the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard and enters the sacred Halls of Valhalla to seek his father and exact revenge on the men who killed him. 

Our Science topic will be about Living Things and their Habitats, we will be looking at different animal lifecycles, asexual and sexual reproduction and classifying living organisms into groups.

Our Maths will be focusing on number and place value, the 4 operations and their methods and fractions, decimals and percentages.

Remember our PE day for this term is Thursday! Make sure you're ready in your PE kits! We will be focusing on improving our skills in Invasion Games and Dance!

Want to do more at home? Why not start on a home-project based on any topic that we are currently learning.

Here are some ideas....

Learn some Viking songs here!

The list is endless… Be creative as you can! 


                   Useful Websites for Home Learning

Google Classroom


You can access thousands of books online through MyOn! Go to the MyOn website and login with your AR login. If you can't log in please let me know and I will look into it.

Sign In - myON®

TT Rockstars

Keep logging on to TT Rockstars! Again, any problems logging in please let me know.

Times Tables Rock Stars (

Accelerated Reader 

AR reading


Keep fit at home by logging on and doing your regular exercise!


Yumu Music

Practice the songs and access your assignments on Yumu using the following link.

Charanga- Yumu

Want to learn more about the topics you are learning in school then visit the following sites:

Discovery Espresso

BBC Bitesize