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Hello and welcome to another term.

We will be exploring Ancient Greece for our topic, looking at animals, including humans for science and having some in-depth discussions about the COP26 summit. 



As you know TTRockstars is a way for us to get supper brilliant at our mental-maths skills.

At the moment we have massively improved on our time, and we are working at an average speed of 5.3 seconds per question, well done to Moorhens for this speedy turn around.

Our top four times-tables rockstars are:

Hamza @ 0.76 sec.

Hakeem @ 2.01 sec.

Louis @ 2.14 sec.

Daniele @ 2.21 sec.

As a class we are averaging 76% accuracy. Keep on rocking Moorhens!

All the children in Moorhen are showing off their brilliant reading skills, and we have taken 132 quizzes so far, with lots of children passing with 100%. 

Big shout-outs go to: Pip, Eman, Charles, Bella and Louis on their 100% average scores.

As a class our word count is currently at 2,031,870

A huge shout-out to Louis who has a word count of 356,185. And Fatima with 255,569 words read. Truly fantastic.

Children have assignments on Yumu, so they can log in and have some fun with the wide range of musical genres that are there for them to learn.

On MyOn,  there are still two projects to complete. These will support research skills and scientific enquiry skills.