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Nature Studies

Due to new restrictions, we will not be doing Enrichment during the Autumn Term. Instead we have been doing Nature Studies, Current Affairs and Media Studies. 

Summer 1

This week was Earth Week so we learnt about Earth Day. This year’s theme was ‘Restore Our Earth’.

During Nature Studies this week, we have been looking for dead and living plants in the wildlife and have been learning about the names of some of them. 

This week, we created our own Countryside Codes about how to look after the Earth.  


For Mental Health Week, we learnt about how nature and the world around us can help us feel better and improve the happiness of our minds. 


Autumn 1

So far we have explored the Wildlife Area to find things that are living, dead and have never been alive.  

When reading our book Here We Are, we created songs in the Wildlife Area. 

We have also visited the Wildlife Area on a senses hunt and used this when writing a setting description of the Wildlife Area. 

We have made texture rubbings on a variety of natural surfaces. We will use these rubbings in our artwork this week. 

We have taken pictures of nature - the animals and plants in the Wildlife Area. We then edited these images and used them to create videos using iMovie. 


We have also been learning about the changes nature goes through during the different seasons and solved some escape room puzzles. 

Autumn 2 

After watching our Great Fire of London recreation, we discussed the weather today, the weather in September 1666 and how the heat, lack of rainfall and wind help the fire to spread.