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This is the page where we will share the amazing reading that we are doing. Look out for your names here if you average 100% on your quizzes at the end of the week or if you have read for over an hour a day! 

If you need to check the level of a book at home you can by following this link

W/C 12/10/20- Well done to Charles, Fatima, Raheem, Lavanette, Pip, Hamza, Abdul, Robin, Mia, Lavell and Louis for all reading over an hour a day this week! Fatima, Lavanette, Abdul and Louis all read for over 100 minutes a day! Excellent work Moorhen! Hakeem and Pip averaged 100% on all their quizzes this week! 

W/C 05/10/20- Well done to Raheem, Daniele, Lavanette, Umair, Hamza, Abdul, Mia and Lavell for reading over an hour a day this week! Louis read an amazing 187 minutes a day! Keep up the good work.  Subhan and Bella were perfect with their quizzes this week and averaged 100%