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Congratulations to all of our year 5 readers who have gotten a step closer to reaching the all important Million Words! You can check out your stars on your class page. We will have a digital star display here soon.

In the meantime, we have two challenges for you:

A last minute surge from Kittiwake means they have reached the target million words! Well done to them for completing the challenge. Kinglet just behind on 929877 words. 

Top Readers:

Kestrel: Nichola - 157,124

Kingfisher: Inaaya - 194,159

Kinglet: Mabel - 580,709

Kittiwake: Faizan - 313,373

Fantastic individual effort to help their classes out there.

We also want you to use myON to do your reading. We want to see the class who can get to 5000 minutes first! That is only 120 minutes per day, which is actually about 5-6 minutes each! So get on myON, check out our project on space and get reading!

No class got over the mark of 5000 minutes, but Kinglet are in the lead, so we'll see what happens over half term. Keep up the reading!!