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Remote learning during Covid19

If you are isolating or currently unable to get to school, please check this page for learning to do as well as Numbots, TT Rockstars and Bug Club. 

Friday, 19th March


Use these online lessons to practise your skills at using arrays:

Arrays 1

Arrays 2



Please choose 10 high frequency words from the following list and learn how to spell them using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method we have been using.

High Frequency word lists - public


Today is Comic Relief. Download the pack at the bottom of this page and try some of the activities.




Thursday, 18th March



Writing task

Writing test- the children in school are doing an independent writing test this week. We would like you to also do a writing test and email the work to your class teacher.

Please write your own story about an animal. It can be any animal you want- an animal you like the most or an animal you know a lot about. 

Remember to include capital letters and full stops, and describe your animal in lots of detail.

Good luck!



Wednesday, 17th March

Please work on the following questions- you can draw arrays to help you (see image)

How to Teach Arrays | Teaching multiplication, Math activities, Math lessons KS1 Multiplication Using Arrays | Picture Calculations

7 X 2 =

6 X 2 =

5 X 5=

8 X 2 =

4 X 5 =

4 X 10 =


10 X 3 =

5 X 4 =

5 X 8 =

2 X 11 =

7 X 5 =

2 X 10 =

Writing task

Can you finish yesterday's task- writing the story of Augustus in your own words- then add another paragraph with your own ideas about other animals he could have an adventure with. Here are some ideas for you:

Ring-tailed lemur - Wikipedia

Perhaps he could help this ring-tailed-lemur find their smile?


Pet Parrot Guide: What Do Parrots Eat? | Petbarn

Perhaps he could help this parrot learn how to fly?



With a parent's supervision, find out what you can about the Antarctic and also the Sahara Desert. How are they different? How are they the same? You can draw your findings, write about them in bullet points or even make a poster.

Antarctic Cruises & Expeditions | Quark Expeditions

Learn About the Sahara Desert

Tuesday, 16th March

Maths- multiplication

4 x 2 =

9 X 2 =

7 X 2 =

3 X 5 =

5 X 5 =

3 X 10 =





Writing task

Order these pictures from 'Augustus the Tiger' then rewrite the story in your own words.