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Welcome back everyone and it is great that we can start off with a bang with STEM week. Our focus for the week, is about what kind of food we would need to take with us to survive on Mars. Check back throughout the week to be kept updated with what we have done each day! 


We have been going through astronaut training today! Looking at some of the skills they need and fitness regimes!



We have been learning about nutrition and planning a nutritious meal in space for astronaut. We also learned about how exercise can help us to burn off excess calories and planned our own exercise programme for morning fitness. 


We started the day by doing the exercises that we planned yesterday and then looked at what would be the best food to take with us to Mars that we could then plant to grow more food!


We have had a very exciting day today! We cooked astronaut ice cream and preserved some fruit for taking to space with us and we also designed our biodome using 3D software on the chromebooks! 




Today, we worked in groups to make our biodomes. We will observe them to see if they have met their design breif and if our seeds grow. We also visited Mars using VR!