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STEM Week Review

This is my first year teaching at Mission Grove, and it was such a treat and amazing new experience for me to have a whole week dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths! One of the biggest problems with being a teacher is not being able to fit everything in, meaning sometimes things don’t get finished or have to be rushed. Giving the teachers and children ONE WHOLE WEEK to explore the subjects and create and develop projects and designs was fantastic! It allowed the children to really get into each activity and see the relationship and links between different subjects.

The children in Kestrel Class were given the opportunity to hatch their own living eggs! They watched ten eggs slowly hatch over the course of the week into beautiful little fluffy chicks which was such an amazing and unique experience. They worked in teams to create structures and designs, like catapults, parachutes and robotic hands, which really supported them in developing good teamwork, creative and listening skills. They learnt how to make an ‘egg in a mug’ (which most children have said was their favourite lesson of the year!) They even created their own cars using a mixture of vegetables for the wheels which really helped them to ‘think out of the box’.

Overall it was a wonderful and memorable experience that filled the children with excitement, wonder, confidence and questions. I am sure it is a week they won’t forget, and it is definitely one they still speak about regularly. I can’t wait to do it all again next year, and am really looking forward to our film week which is coming up soon!

Mrs Nichols :)