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STEM week review 2019

STEM week- a review

It was such great fun to be a part of STEM week, witnessing so many of the children’s own ideas come to life. Just by walking from my office to the dinner hall, I got to see Year 1 children collaborating together to make a giant ‘chain- reaction’ game, Year 2 children launching eggs to see who had made the best protection shell, Year 3 children building robotic hands, and children as young as 4 making mystery potions.


STEM week was a huge break from the norm, especially as the assembly was delivered by a life-size, roaring, prowling T- Rex! No certificates. No reading. Plenty of applause. And lots of singing too, as Rex lead the children through his own rendition of ‘We Will Rock You.’


The children were in awe as they got to witness what a real life Tyrannosaurus Rex would likely have looked and sounded like, with one child even getting to lead him around the hall. Finally, the children left for class, no doubt filled with new ideas and a thirst to discover more about the past.

Many other incredible things happened that week, including Year 6 children designing and making their own robots for a ‘robot war’ and Year 4 building a floating garden.

It is these extraordinary, first hand experiences which have quickly become the hallmark of our school. When I first started teaching 12 years ago, I never thought I’d get to create a film about an astronaut, or build dens and shelters in Epping Forest. These are but a few of the many experiences we have been lucky to share with the students over the years. What with the Summer fair coming up, camping trips and even our very own Film Festival on the horizon, it is a very exciting time to be part of Mission Grove. 


Mr Darling.