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Sports Premium 2015-16


Lead Person: Meshak Taylor

Health and Wellbeing coordinator  


Priorities – Raise standards of attainment and participation in Physical Education for all children.





Action to be taken – core tasks

Lead Person

Time Scale

Objectives/Success Criteria



Renew membership of the Waltham Forest School Sports Network (WFSSN)




Member of Local Sports Partnership in Borough, which provides us with access to competition, CPD Training and networking opportunities.

Mission Grove primary school has seen record levels participation at competition level for both KS1 and KS2. More children than ever have represented Mission Grove and this has resulted in increased extra-curricular participation in school.



Comprehensive Sports Club Program for KS1 & KS2 over 3 Terms (April 2015-April 2016)



Club participation & allocation reviewed termly

Extra-curricular clubs objective was to provide opportunities for up to 80% of our pupils to take part in sporting clubs outside of the curriculum.

To date we have had over 67% of children access some form of extra-curricular club during this period. We have seen the formation of a Girl’s only Basketball club, set up by girls from KS2. Mission Grove now also runs an Athletics club for children from Reception through to year Six as part of our Olympics Legacy.



5-a-Day TV subscription




Children can access at school and home Dance and Fitness workouts in 5-minute-bites.


Increased profile of physical activity being ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ for our children.



Curriculum Swimming



October 2015- February 2016

59 Year 5 children and 86 Year 4 children went swimming for 20 hours in total.


This year we have taken our Year 4&5 pupils to the Aquatic Centre in the Olympic park for their swimming lessons. The facilities are first class and so has been the quality of the instructors.

Children have been able to participate in five one hour blocks over a four week period. This is a change from our previous provision of a weekly one hour slot over the school year.

Our swimming results are outlined below for both year groups.


Overview of Swimming Results in

Year 4 (85 pupils)

  • 3 children are listed as Water confidence so not yet able to swim
  • 38 children can swim but are not yet able to swim required distance of 25m
  • 16 children can now swim the required distance of 25m
  • 28 children are confident swimmers who can swim distances exceeding 50m

Overview of Swimming Results in

Year 5 (59 pupils)

  • 4 children are listed as Water confidence so not yet able to swim
  • 17 children can swim but are not yet able to swim required distance of 25m
  • 10 children can now swim the required distance of 25m
  • 28 children are confident swimmers who can swim distances exceeding 50m




Resources to accompany Create Development (REAL PE) schemes of work



October 2015- April 2016

Develop staff confidence in delivering Physical education.

Teachers have received schemes of work and have been using those to deliver lessons. The purchase of additional resources will provide all year groups with greater convenience. This will be accompanied by some further in house training to develop confidence and skills.



Release time for Subject Lead




Provide more out of teaching time to develop the profile of Physical Education at Mission Grove.

Cover to release Mr Taylor to-

Organise extra-curricular clubs

  Arrangement of competitions

Participation at competition events

Organise and administer Enrichment Hour


This has led to increased competition participation, more sporting activities available to all children and the successful maintenance of the Enrichment Hour.

39 half days

costing £100 per day= £3900


Enrichment Hour



Term time only


Allow children to access a variety of Health and Wellbeing activities during the curriculum in addition to the traditional school offer of two hours of P.E and extra-curricular clubs.

During curriculum time children from KS1 & 2 have been able to access a variety of additional sporting classes.


KS1 on South Site= Yoga, Kung Fu, Futsal, Cooking and Bollywood Dance


KS1 on North Site= Yoga, Kung Fu, Rugby and First Aid training

KS2 North Site only= Bollywood Dancing, Fencing, Boxercise, Cricket, Irish Dancing, Orienteering, Football, Zumba, Healthy eating, Cooking and Handball


The Enrichment Hour has been a fantastic success and is having a tremendous impact on children across the school.

Over 55% of pupils are able to access at least one six week block of Health and Wellbeing Enrichment activity each term.

£430 per week x 33 weeks = £14190 annually

North & South Site Lunchtime Football/Multi-Sports


Term time only

Lunchtimes on both sites

Provide children with a structured focus during their lunch hour.

As a result of our introduction of the Lunchtime league on the North Site and Multi-sports on the South Site playtimes are more enjoyable for both the children and Middays. Girl participation in lunchtime Football, on the North Site, has increased dramatically as a result of each league team requiring a girl on the pitch at all times.

On the South Site children have been able to play sports safely in a designated area which has reduced arguments and increased participation from both boys and girls.

£350 per week x 36 weeks = £12600 annually


Total Cost