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Spring 2 Photos



On Monday we began our STEM Week by playing with lots of sea creatures in water which was fun! But then we learnt about oil spills and plastic pollution and then our trays got filled with 'oil' and plastic and we needed to try and clean up the animals and water which was impossible!

In the afternoon we researched two different Marine Biologists; Angel Ancala and Rachel Carson using the chrome books and started making presentations about them.



On Tuesday we tested the pond water using litmus paper to find out the PH. Then we did a water filter prediction and experiment.


Then we went into the wildlife area to collect some different filtration materials, like gravel, dirt and leaves. We also made some very dirty water that we would later try and filter!




In class we explored the different filtration materials we had access to and then made predictions about which we thought would be best. We created diagrams showing our choices before we did the experiments!



We then built our filtration systems we had designed.


We discovered that sand was the best filter as it let through the most clear water! It was really clear!




On Wednesday we learnt how to tie-dye and tie-dyed some socks using natural dyes that we had made using red cabbage, beetroot and turmeric!



We did an experiment and found out that adding baking powder to purple cabbage dye turns it blue! And adding lemon o purple dye makes it turn pink!




On Thursday we learnt how to sew and designed patterns we would sew onto our binca about saving the ocean!