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Spring Week 1 (January 6th - 8th)


Friday 8.1.2021

Good morning Year 2, and welcome back. Here are our last lessons for this week’s learning. I hope you enjoy them.

Maths (Teams lesson at 10am)

When you have to add three or more numbers it can help to use number bonds. Number bonds are pairs of numbers that you already know make another number. You probably already know some number bonds to 10, like  1 + 9 = 10 or 5 + 5 = 10. Revise all of the number bonds to 10 first.

Next you can add three numbers by counting on from 10.

  Now try to answer these questions. Challenge 1:

 Challenge 2:

As an extra task you can play a dice game (you can use one online if you don’t have one at home, or write the numbers on bits of paper and put them in a cup). Roll the dice three times to get your three numbers, then write a number sentence. Then try to figure it out! Play this lots of times so you try all sorts of combinations.

Literacy (Teams lesson at 12pm)

Yesterday you were writing some of your own poetry in the style of ‘The Sound Collector’. Today you can practise performing your poems ready for recording them. You need to focus on your

  • volume
  • clear voice
  • expression
  • intonation
  • actions!


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Here is a video of different poetry performances. Which do you like best?

Extra, Extra: As we have been thinking about synonyms this week – can you make your own synonym poster. Include any words you can think of that have a similar meaning and add them. Here is an example;

Topic (Teams Lesson at 2pm)

Our new Topic learning for this term has a history focus and is all about ‘Nurturing Nurses’. We will be learning about the changes to nursing over the past 200 years and some key figures who helped make them. Our significant individuals will include Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. There is a PDF at the bottom of the page that you can look at first for some information to get you started.  

For today’s activity I’d like you to come up with some questions that you’d like to find out about. For example, when did we first have nurses? What is the most important part of a nurse’s job?

  1. Write ‘Nurturing Nurses’ clearly in the centre of your page.
  2. Write some things that you already know about nurses and what they do.
    Remember to use a capital letter, a full stop and neat handwriting.
  3. Using a different colour, write some questions about ‘Nurturing Nurses’ and what you’d like to know about Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and the history of nursing.
    Remember to use a capital letter and a question mark at the end of your question sentence.

E-mail your questions to us and we can plan lessons to find out the answers.  


This week Miss. Zanon has put together a lesson about the months of the year. Watch the lesson video and you will be able to complete the tasks afterwards.


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Activities: Click these links to play some games

1. Ordering: Put the months in the correct using their French names. 

2. Match up: Match the English to the French words. 

3. Memory Game

Extension: Why don't you make a calendar in French and write down the birthdays of the people in your household and friends? You can draw a picture of your favourite celebration day in that month too!

Well done for your work this week – give yourself a woosh! Have a relaxing weekend and we’ll see you on Monday,

Ms. Watkin.

Thursday 7.1.2021
Hi Year 2,
It’s Miss Conroy here. I hope that you and your families are well and that you had a nice break.

Maths (Online lesson at 10.00)
Yesterday we reminded ourselves about place value and partitioned numbers.

Today we are learning about greater than, less than and equal to.

Red (Challenge 1):

Orange (Challenge 2):

Green (Challenge 3):

English (Online lesson at 12.00)
Yesterday, we performed The Sound Collector by Roger McGough.

Today, you are going to use the first stanza of The Sound Collector and then create your own lines of poetry. You can create as many lines of poetry as you would like to.

The Sound Collector
A stranger called this morning
Dressed all in black and grey
Put every sound into a bag
And carried it away.

The ____________ of the ____________.
The ____________ of the ____________.
The ____________ of the ____________.
The ____________ of the ____________.

Think carefully about the sounds that things create and our onomatopoeia learning. 

Other - Science (Online lesson at 2.00)
Our new Science topic is Being Human. We will be learning about how to keep ourselves healthy. Can you create a mind map about Being Human.

  1. Write Being Human clearly in the centre of your page.
  2. Using one colour write about how people keep healthy or what happens if we don’t keep healthy.
    Remember to use a capital letter, full stop and neat handwriting.
  3. Using a different colour write some questions about Being Human and keeping healthy. 
    Remember to use a capital letter, question mark and neat handwriting.

These are some of the mind maps Goldcrest created last term:

Cover Page
Why don’t you use your artistic skills to create a cover page for our Science topic - Being Human? Make sure that the title - Being Human - is big and clear. Then draw some pictures about our new topic around the title. Think about the question we discussed during the lesson and any other ways you can think of to keep your body healthy.
These are some examples of cover pages for different topics. 

Use your 5-day password (in your Reading Record) to access this exercise website. Pick two or three videos and follow the actions.
I will be doing the Space video today.

Remember that there are TTRockstars battles that you can compete in.
Well done to Melda, Uthman Jasmine, Daniel, Maria, Halima and Gabriele who have all won over 100 points each for their class.

It’s great to see Sabeeha, Max, Maria, Daniel, Abraham, Arshnoor, Muzainah, Gabriele, Jasmine, Aleena, Melda, Muhammad, Hamza, Ayyan, Rui, Kacper, Yaseen, Rayyan, Arrow, Zayan, Laiba, Eli, Kenzo, Miguel, Areesha, Ushna, Fatimah, Yassin, Emaan, Akil, Emmanuel, Maja and Mohammad for completing games in the studio and getting their musician status.

It was so great to see so many of you online yesterday. If you are having difficulty joining our live lessons or have forgotten your passwords, please let us know.

Miss Conroy

Wednesday 6.1.2021

Hello Year 2, it's Miss Stevens here. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

Maths - Today's Maths is all about partitioning and recombining numbers. 

Partitioning means to split/divide. Recombine means putting back together again. 

Have a go at partitioning and recombining some of these numbers. You can choose the colour questions you would like to do, or work your way through them all. 

Red questions learning - What other was can you partition (split) a number?

English - This week we will be looking at Poetry. Today we will be focussing on performing poetry. 

Read the poem below called 'The Sound Collector' written by Roger McGough. Or you can listen to it here

Watch this video about performing poetry. Then Choose your favourite stanza of the poem. Memorise it and then try performing it. 

Handwriting - est - Drop the e and add est 

When you have a word that ends in e and you want to add est. You need to drop the e before adding the est. For example nice - Drop the e and it becomes nic, then add est it becomes nicest. 

 Practise joining est and then have a go at writing this weeks spelling words using joined up handwriting. Can you put any of our spelling words into sentences?

Have a lovely day.