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Spring Week 3 (18th-22nd January)

Friday 22.1.2021

Good morning year 2! Before you start today - I want you to think about something that has made you smile this week. Now try and hold that happy feeling just for a moment and notice how it makes your body feel. This is something you can try when you might not be having a good day and it might just help you. If it's tricky to think of something - then focus on something that you are looking forward to in the future. What adventures could you have?

Maths (Teams lesson at 10am)

For the past two weeks you’ve been using column method for adding and subtracting. Today, we want to put your calculations to the test!

Literacy (Teams lesson at 12pm)

We have met our new character Claude this week, and what a curious little dog he is! He’s been on an adventure to the city and this week you’ve written descriptions of the city he has seen.

After reading pages  21 – 32, (a copy is at the bottom of the page) I’d like you to write a postcard. Pretend to be Claude and write to Mr. and Mrs Shinyshoes to tell them all about your adventure in the city. Writing in the first person (I, me, my, we) can you also include:

  • Adjectives to describe.
  • Conjunctions to add detail to your sentences.
  • A simile to describe the things you see.

Don’t forget to include an address, and you can decorate the other side of your paper with a picture of Claude and Bobblysock – just like a real postcard.  


Fun Friday (Teams Lesson at 2pm)

Have you practised this week’s spellings? See if you can get someone to test you on them. We’d love to know how you do.

If you haven’t seen it already, please make sure you log into   MyOn and take a look at the projects that your teacher has set for you. We’ve linked them to this term’s Topics, so there are a lot of books that can support your wider learning whilst you’re at home.

We have seen that a lot of you still have not logged onto Charanga YUMU so here is a reminder. There are so many fun activities – all linked to music! You can learn about different instruments, different genres, or new songs to sing. Again – you have been given projects by your teacher to get you started but you can also explore the whole website on your own. You could try making your own instrument too, if you can find some elastic bands and an empty box, or straws and tape.   


Speed Bounce challenge anyone? You heard me. You’re gonna bounce. At speed. And count. And get fit – all at the same time. I would recommend trying this for ten seconds first, because when you’re jumping like this, 60 seconds can be a loooooooooong time.

I managed 18 the first time I tried, but then I got 21 the next time 😊 How did you do?

Enjoy your weekend everyone, you’ve earned it.  Bye for now!

Ms. Watkin.

Thursday 21.1.2021
Hi guys!
Today is National Hug Day. Why don’t you give some of the people you live with a hug and tell them why they are significant to you (we learned about why Florence Nightingale was significant last week).

Please remember to send any pictures of your work to

Maths - 10.00
We have been learning about how to use the column method of subtraction this week.

During your maths lesson today, you will be learning about how to solve word problems using the RUCSAC method -

Can you use this method to solve some problems? (These are also in the teams files.)

Literacy - 12.00
Similes are when we use like or as to compare things.

  • as noisy as a playground
  • cold like an icicle
  • as blue as the ocean

Can you create some similes about the city?


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Now use those similes to write a poem about the city.
Try to use all of your senses and make sure that you use WOW words.

Other - Topic - 2.00
Today we are learning about Mary Seacole.


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Can you research her and create a fact file about her.

Remember to use a title, question subheadings, pictures and full sentences with correct punctuation.

Tomorrow we will be having our spelling test. Make sure you practise our est join and our rule: If it ends in y, change the y to an i and add est.

Why don’t you keep fit by doing the Climb the Mountain Challenge. How many mountain climbers can you do in 60 seconds?

Have a great day,
Miss Conroy


Wednesday 20th January

Hello Year 2 Miss Stevens here. I am super impressed with all of the work that has been sent in from everyone. You are all superstars!!!  Keep it up! 

Don't forget there is a TTrockstars battle happening this week. It finishes on Sunday! So get logging in to the Garage and winning points for your class. 

Here are the results so far...


For todays Maths we are still looking at column subtraction. Remember practise makes perfect. 

Today we have a challenge and some new learning for those of you who feel confident and would like to give it a go. If not don't worry you can continue with normal column subtraction. 

I have attached a video  here to help with explaining. You only need to watch it from 1 minute 29 seconds as this is where the new learning starts. If you scroll down to yesterday's maths there is also a video of Miss Stevens explaining and doing this. 

Now have a go at answering some of these questions. 


Here is a recap on the different types of sentences we have been looking at. 

Attached below in the attachments are the  next few pages of the book. Read the pages and find out what Claude gets up to first.

Your task for today is to use the different types of sentences and write some of the things these characters might be saying.I have attached the worksheet below too. 


Before we start todays lesson, lets take a sneak peek of our experiment from last week. 

For today's lesson we are thinking about  different ways to keep our body clean. 2 ways to keep our body clean is by brushing our teeth and washing our hands. Can you think of any more ways to keep your body clean? Why is it important to keep our body clean? 

Tuesday 19th January


Today in maths we will be learning column subtraction. It is just like what we did last week but this time taking away numbers. 

Here is a video of miss Stevens showing you what to do. The second question is what we will be doing on Wednesday so don't worry too much! 


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Today we are going to reading the first few pages of our book, Claude in the City and writing expanded noun phrases. Here is a short video reminding you about expanded noun phrases.

Attached below in the attachments are the  first few pages of the book. Read the pages and get to know our character Claude.

Your task for today is to write as many expanded noun phrases as you can ( minimum of 5) about Claude.


Last week in art we learned how to draw a portrait. We drew a portrait of Florence Nightingale looking at the proportions of a face. This week we are going to be drawing Mary Seacole but from a profile view. 

Attached below in the attachements is a powerpoint with all of the steps of how to draw a profile face. Follow the steps and have a go at drawing a profile sketch. When you have finish can you make it look like Mary Seacole? What things could you add in? 

Monday 18th January 

Today your teachers would like you to log in to TT Rock Stars and spend 20 minutes practising your times tables.


This week in maths we will be learning about column subtraction. Today we will be recapping on using dienes to help up subtract. Watch this video to help you.  Watch up to  minute 26 seconds.

This is how we would like you to lay your work out. 

Depending on how confident you feel, choose red, orange or green.