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Tribute to Mr Hall

It is with deep regret and sadness that I am sending this message to you. Tragically, Mr Hall died in his sleep last week. 

He started his teaching career here at Mission Grove in 2018.  A dedicated teacher and sports enthusiast, Mr Hall taught Waxwing, Kinglets and Moorhen, but reached out to many more children with his love of sport and technology. His mum has said that he loved working with all the children and doing his projects, especially the cricket club.  Mr Hall was a local boy who loved Walthamstow and wanted nothing more to give back to the community that he lived and worked in. As a headteacher it is a joy and pleasure to find a person like Mr Hall, who adored his job and cared so much about the children, the school and the community. 

He will be missed deeply by all at the school, and it will be hard to continue knowing he would want nothing more than to be here with us. But we must, to build on his legacy and continue to make those around us smile, as he did for everyone at Mission Grove.

There will be support available for any children that need it, and we will be organising a cricket match in his memory in the Autumn term.