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View Cuckoo's Work

Here is where you can see all of the fantastic work that the Cuckoo's have been sending in to Ms. Watkin.

E-mail your work to 

Saif made this fantastic piece or artwork inspired by the French painter Auguste Herbin.  As you can see he then labelled each shape with it's French name - bravo Saif,  bon travail!



Yasin powered his lego car using air from a balloon and tried this funky 3D effect artwork. 


Ilenia has been completing lots of work, still using her beautiful handwriting (and writing with a pen!) and sorting which parts of fruits and vegetable we eat. 

Big thumbs up to all of you working hard. Some excellent maths from Cormac, and beautifully presented work from Anisa. 



And finally, well done to Arsalan who has earned his first Yellow star on the Millionaire reader board for reading a whopping 63,049 words so far this year. 

 Yasin made a beautiful collage and poem, to mark Earth day on Wednesday, by recycling materials which is one of the best ways to get crafty! 

Cormac researched where our food comes from and knows all about their sources,  and completed the St. Georges day maths and reading tasks as well. Yasin's monster is there too. 


Saif has worked on lots of his own projects, like this water fountain, and having a dinner party with some beautiful butterflies. 

      As well as making these beautiful artworks of geometric patterns and a nature Mandala. 

If you are marking Ramadan this month I wish you well and hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend! Ms. Watkin

21.4. 20 Girls just want to have fun!

Here's some inspiration for the fun things you could be trying out at home! 



Well done to the children who have accessed these sites at home!


                                   ​​           ​​​​​

Ilenia typed up her Easter diary entry using the Word programme on a computer. 



Aasiya made this beautiful picture as her entry into the Art Club exhibition. 


Ki'shell has been practising telling the time and reading every day. 

Cormac made toothpaste that he didn't like as much as his regular one, Madiha has been writing poetry and Saif has been doing lots of different activities including drawing Claude and looking at Bar Charts in Maths. Keep up the great work everyone!